Talent Academy BI4ALL

At BI4ALL, we hire exceptional people. People who let their passion and work speak for themselves!

BI4ALL organizes the Talent Academy annually, a program designed to empower and accelerate the integration of young graduates into the job market in which participants will receive theoretical and practical training.

With the Talent Academy, BI4ALL aims to stimulate a sustained and close entry of participants into the labour market by developing their expertise in different technologies and by fostering their analytical thinking and practical applicability in organizations. In the end, the trainees will have the opportunity to integrate company projects, both nationally and internationally.


José Oliveira BI4ALL


“The editions we did in previous years were a success! All the feedback we have obtained, both from trainers and trainees, has come to prove the excellence of our Academy, as well as the program developed and implemented.”



José Oliveira, CEO, BI4ALL


Participation requirements

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Technology

  • Understanding of Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Focus and determination

  • Strong sense of responsibility and motivation in teamwork

  • Willingness to learn and evolve proactively

  • Good communication skills and interpersonal relationships

What are the results?

  • Integration into the labour market

  • Development of technical skills in different methodologies and solutions

  • Analytical thinking based on different aspects of the business

  • Integration in projects in renowned companies

  • Training in Soft Skills