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The Organization

With over 1250 employees currently, VARO was born in 2012 through a joint investment between Vitol (commodity trading) and Carlyle Group (investment) to fill oil sales and distribution needs in Western Europe.

VARO aims to lead in this market segment by supplying crude to its refineries (one in Switzerland and one in Germany) where they manufacture products such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil, among others. These products are then transported, stored and ultimately sold to their customers.

With a production average of 16,500 barrels per day, VARO has established itself as an experienced, safe and reliable company operating in Switzerland, Germany, Benelux and France.

The Challenge

The main challenge that Varo was facing, was the creation of a sustainable, flexible and scalable solution that would initially enable it to support the most pressing operational needs and which would function at a later stage as the foundation of the entire analytical solution.

Before Analytics implementation, the organization was faced with a “huge amount of data from different sources and had a difficult time integrating and aggregating all that data. Several collaborators were spending a lot of time working with complicated spreadsheets with results we didn’t understand. Misunderstanding data, control and inefficiencies led to several problems”, says Tom Rowe, Group Treasurer and Risk Manager.

Therefore, in 2016, BI4ALL was selected to develop and implement organization’ Analytics, in a time where all was purely manual and the business side had a hard time to get a 360- degree view of many crucial processes. The organization focused on addressing the financial and business processes and decided in advance to build a Data Warehouse with long-term vision.

According to VARO’s IT Manager of Digitalization & Data Analytics, Daniel Cadete, it is important “that data is available and ready for use by everyone in the organization to stimulate more self-service analytics, in other words, for the business to do its analysis without having to resort to the IT Department. The organization wants to have business operating entirely on a good basis”. Also notes that “there is a lot of data which is produced in the oil industry, so it becomes necessary, to combine this information with the organization’ data and produce insights into it. The aim is to have more teams working with Analytics tools and solutions, having available data so it can be used, by everyone in the organization”.

Higher efficiency, more agility and better decisions

A key project in managing the logistics chain efficiency has been started. BI Manager explains that “instead of just automating, what was done was to bring more value and give the department more information than it had before, and we have seen a lot of improvements in the financial area, the CFO had to basically compile all data manually to get a 360-degree view of the processes and now, with a single click, he can see all at once”.

For the CIO, Daniel Wicki, “Analytics is a very important part of IT strategy because it allowed VARO’s business areas to analyse data in a way that has never happened before, enabling to take better decisions based on data that they have.”

Group Cash Manager, Virginia Sigrist, points out the advantages that Analytics Solutions have brought to your daily life: more efficiency and less time searching and analysing information. If before, it was necessary to make several reports per day, from the various group companies, which took a long time, besides the access difficulty to the systems. “Now, I have a lot more time to focus on specific business points, to improve certain processes, I also find that collaboration between teams is much better, much easier to collaborate and makes everything more efficient”, says Virginia Sigrist.

“It was been very interesting because, over the last three years, we have seen business changing and we have more analysis. This helps us with daily tasks, allowing our employees to focus more on making decisions and improving their work every day”, says Daniel Cadete.


The technological solution implemented at VARO started to respond to the operational departments – Treasury and Logistics – to calculating, respectively, treasury forecast and stock reconciliation between various systems.

Gradually, the solution has been extended to other departments/areas, such as finance management, sales, refinery control, supply chain, retail, being today the leading analytics tool for about a hundred users.

Today, the solution is evolving to providing an ever-faster upgrade (from a near-real-time perspective), as well as growing self-service capability that enables users not only to consume but also work and enrich the information with their insights.

According to the IT Manager of Digitalization & Data Analytics, Daniel Cadete, “the strategy for the future is to empower more teams with Analytics because VARO wants to make sure that all teams have at their disposal a good foundation of analytics tools and solutions.


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