Success Case

Pestana Hotel Group

Pestana Hotel Group, the largest international hotel group of Portuguese origin, chose BI4ALL to implement Analytics Solutions to have the most aggregated and structured information. With the growth of the recent years, Analytics Solutions have become essential for decision making not only at the executive committee level but also at the top and middle management levels. “This means that all the decisions that are made at the executive or operational level are based on the data stemming from the solution. The reward itself has been immense because decisions are made much faster and more informed than ever before”, says André Vala, Director of Technology.

The Organization

Pestana Hotel Group is the largest international hotel group of Portuguese origin and has over 96 hotels in 15 countries across Europe, Africa and America, and 7,000 collaborators. In a phase of great expansion, it currently owns hotels and resorts divided by four brands: Pestana Hotel & Resorts, Pestana Pousadas de Portugal, Pestana Collection Hotels and Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels. Also, it owns and operates golf courses, real estate ventures and casinos.

Market leader for 47 years, the first hotel was opened on Madeira Island in 1972, the current Pestana Carlton Madeira.

The Challenge

With strong growth in the recent years and as a result of its activity, Pestana Hotel Group was processing large amounts of data from multiple independent sources, so each team worked this information differently, producing several dashboards and reports with several versions of the same truth. At meeting the parties involved took a long time to reconcile this data and effectiveness of these meeting was eventually lost.

The fact that the information was scattered, led to discrepancies and some insights that did not exist or were very difficult to obtain.

In this context, the implementation of the Analytics Strategy included, together with BI4ALL, the IT and Business Intelligent departments, as well as the operational areas to ensure that there were business and operational alignment.

Consolidated information, increased productivity and insight-based decisions

With the implementation of Analytics Solution with BI4ALL, Pestana Hotel Group has a single data repository, which makes it possible to analyse more information faster and more quickly, even crossing data from operations, revenues or from several products it offers. Presently, the information is consolidated and updated daily, allowing management to focus more on analysis and results than on data source.

Currently, the Group is facing more information and business models, and it is very important to obtain data concisely and consistently for all units and regions. “It is possible at this time to cross different data from operations, revenue, restaurant and also customer satisfaction data, therefore, it allows us to have a lot of flexibility in the proposals and decisions we make, in order to make the customer experience better”, says Verónica Soares Franco, Executive Committee of Pestana Hotel Group.

At this moment, all decision making at the executive committee level is made faster and more informed and based on the insights generated by Analytics Solutions.

Employee productivity, data reliability, democratization in access to information and the solution robustness and scalability were the greatest benefits.


The technological solution that was implemented, quickly became popular and important within the Group, with the BI team and its tool providing services to all group areas.

The solution consists of a set of information gathering and processing that compile all the information from the several areas of the group into a single repository, resulting in the availability of a dashboards sets easily accessible throughout the organization.

In these dashboards it is possible to consult all the aggregated information, as well as the respective analysis to the full detail, allowing to take the greatest possible insights from performance analysis by month, region, etc.


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