Success Case

Grupo Azevedos

Grupo Azevedos, one of the strongest national pharmaceutical groups, has chosen BI4ALL to implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution based on the IBM Business Analytics offering, with the aim of increasing the flexibility and speed of data analysis across the entire organization.

The Company

The Grupo Azevedos, one of the most solid Portuguese pharmaceutical group, came up with the establishment of the Azevedos first medicine in 1775. It is a reference in the pharmaceutical industry and have taken part in the Nobel Prize of Medicine attributed to Professor Egas Moniz.
The Grupo Azevedos operates through a group of dynamic and complementary companies in all areas of the pharmaceutical sector, currently integrating more than 660 employees. With a high production capacity, the Grupo Azevedos produces annually more than 50 million units destined to more than 40 countries around the world.


Motivated by the need to optimize the management system, the Grupo Azevedos was looking for a Business Intelligence solution able of extracting information quickly and accurately to be worked out and made available to internal stakeholders. In this sense, it was the objective of the Grupo Azevedos to improve the decision-making process by encouraging quick and reliable access to relevant business information, thus enabling it to react to market adversities.
The starting point for the development of this solution was the creation of a Data Warehouse clever of monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes in the Commercial, Financial, Logistics, Stocks and Treasury areas, with particular emphasis on the Planning and Budgeting area.


The deployment of a Business Intelligence system allowed the Grupo Azevedos to obtain information on the metrics of activity and profitability, and also enabled the fulfilment of key objectives for the evolution of the business at three levels: strategic, functional and management. With regard to the achievement of the strategic objectives, these have allowed for improved levels of control and monitoring, faster production of indicators and increased capacity for analysis.
With regard to functional improvements, the Grupo Azevedos has been able to increase the fluidity of information and reduce the time spent in information management. Finally, the achievement of the management objectives meant the availability of profitability indicators, the analysis of the time evolution and the increase in the quality level of the tasks carried out by the Grupo Azevedos.


The solution created for the Grupo Azevedos was based on IBM's Business Analytics offering, whose main goal was to increase the flexibility and speed of data analysis across the organization. This solution was based on the analysis of the data coming from various operating systems, so that, after its processing, it was possible to obtain a single information repository, and resulted in the consolidation of information assuming itself as a structured tool and of support to the process of business decision making.

This platform is composed of a set of models for the monitoring of the processes of the main management areas of the Grupo Azevedos:

Financial Model Management indicators, P&L, balance sheet
Commercial Model Sales, returns, orders, prices, analysis by customer/supplier entities; by sales teams (DIMS), by cost center, per group company
Logistics Model Logistic cost, lead time, rotation, inventory, picking and delivery time
Treasury Model Control of receipts and payments
Stocks Model Stock and inventory management
Planning and Budgeting Decentralization of budgeting in the Grupo Azevedos, through an approval workflow that supports the whole process and allows the business to access the values executed in the previous year, to design the budget, as well as to carry out subsequent forecasts equally controlled in the model developed. In this solution, a costing model was developed, through which it is possible to determine the unit costs and guarantee essential support for the analytical accounting of the Grupo Azevedos


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