Success Case

Vieira de Almeida

Vieira de Almeida, one of the most reputed law firms in Portugal, has used BI4ALL to implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution, with the objective of improving the communication of its data to the board of directors and facilitating the monitoring and business through data.

The company

Founded in 1976 by Vasco Vieira de Almeida, VdA is dedicated to the areas of Banking, Infrastructure, Health and Telecommunications Law. With presence in Lisbon, Oporto, Funchal, Maputo and Mozambique, VdA welcomes the growing national and international expansion of its clients, but also their loyalty over the years.


VdA felt the need to change the paradigm about how the data information was communicated to the Board of Directors and its Partners. To do this, it was essential to improve reporting by simplifying all the information available and, at the same time, allowing the monitoring of its business, in line with the business strategy and objectives outlined.
The challenge for BI4ALL, was to create a system that integrates VdA management information that is currently dispersed across various Excel files and systems in order to improve decision support management, and give to decision makers the ability to analyse and report on indicators selected by VdA.


With the implementation of this solution, a set of key metrics has been made available, which allow the monitoring of the conduction and management of the activity and, at the same time, anticipate future scenarios, thus allowing to influence the company’s performance, in line with its strategy and objectives. The speed, the easy access, also through the mobile devices, the reliability, and the fact that the systems are all connected, allowing VdA to produce additional information.


The VdA - BI Platform project is a decision support system created from scratch with focus on the three macro processes interconnected with each other: Business, Team and Financial Management. Thus, a Business Intelligence solution was developed, allowing the monitoring of VdA's business, in particular three macro processes connected:

Team Management Occupation rates, capacity and leverage indicators
Business and Clients Management Proposals, billing, collections, performance and profitability
Financial Management Budget control, treasury, lockstep


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