Success Case

ECS Capital

ECS Capital, a venture capital and restructuring fund management company, chose BI4ALL to evaluate and improve the Business Intelligence and Analytics solution used by the company, which did not satisfy the need to centralize all the participated companies in a single platform.

The company

Founded in 2006, ECS is a venture capital and restructuring Fund Management Company, leader in the private equity market in Portugal. The funds managed by ECS originate, structure and execute investments in companies with high growth potential and participate in the restructuring of companies with long-term economic potential. These investments focus on expansion capital, management buy-ins, management buy-outs, buy-and-build and restructurings. Currently, ECS has three funds under direct management in Portugal.


ECS, as part of its role of monitoring companies owned by the funds it manages, felt the need to centralize this information in order to obtain information on the subsidiaries in a centralized manner. The company had a Business Intelligence solution (Cognos BI + Planning) that did not meet the expectations of ECS Capital. In this way, BI4ALL proposed to carry out a technical audit of the existing solution, pointing out which points are not in accordance with best practices or that should be improved.


Integration of the information of all companies participating in a single platform, based on their disparate systems and distinct concepts, allowing better monitoring and alignment with defined strategies and objectives. It was also possible for ECS to achieve efficiency gains, since it started to have the information in a systematic and comparable way between the companies, at the same time, it was very useful for the reporting of information to the stakeholders.


The solution was developed through a platform that allowed this information to be obtained and that the subsidiaries could take it. The solution developed by BI4ALL, Cognos, is based on an OLAP layer (cubes) for better performance and thus we can interact dynamically on the information presented, either in reports or in dashboards. This OLAP layer is built on a Data Warehouse following the best practices in the area and contains integrated data on the various areas: Financial, Income, Costs, Financing, Operational KPIs, etc.


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