Software Engineering

Solutions and Applications Development


Software Engineering applies the principles of engineering to the development of quality software with tangible effects.

The Software Engineering area has a systematic and disciplined approach to the design, evolution, testing and evaluation associated with the development and maintenance of software and systems. In software engineering projects, the techniques and tools appropriate to each business reality are applied in order to ensure the success of the business, since this area plays a decisive role in ensuring that data, tasks, people and technology are coordinated in order to create an effective and efficient system.

The computing needs of organizations will always be better met by software created with the needs of the company in mind, leading to greater process agility and an increase in the competitiveness of their processes.

A good example is the Knowledge Hub, a solution that includes a powerful document management system, on a cloud-based platform, which offers its own search engine and allows you to search and obtain valuable information from your company, through a process natural language and a faceted navigation experience.

Boost productivity and improve your organization’s results with Knowledge Hub


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BI4ALL developed a solution that allows companies to support the identification of personal data covered by the GDPR in files and databases.

Make sure your organization remains in Compliance
with GDPR through the Data Discovery Tool


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Benefits of Engineering Software Solutions

  • Development of an own and exclusive software that meets the real needs of the company

  • Full knowledge of the software used by the company, allowing a quicker problem solving

  • Vendor or external technical support independence

  • Future software needs are assured

  • With the specific software you can automate a particular business process

  • New functionalities can be developed according to the needs

  • Software Engineering solutions offer many benefits in terms of process optimization

  • Application of agile methodologies in software development which allows greater control in all phases of the process

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