Planning and Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting solutions allow to quickly set goals for high-level planning, develop detailed operational and financial plans, and collect and manage budget information and projections that are necessary to achieve planned goals.

Supported by market-leading technologies, these solutions have the main objective of ensuring flexibility and speed while accessing business scenarios (conditions and assumptions for the development of budget, forecast and reforecast), which facilitates and optimizes business processes related with the subject, reducing the necessary hours to create and execute these plans.

This process is identified across the project through the integration of relevant financial and non-financial information, allowing the development of appealing, dynamic and sophisticated planning and budgeting models with real information to support decision making.

Good performance management requires not only a clear view of corporate timelines, but also requires a well-constructed plan for the next steps towards the goal. The use of Planning and Budgeting solutions guarantees companies a greater control for the future through tools that allow the creation of plans and budgets based on possible scenarios.

Benefits of Planning and Budgeting Solutions

  • Effective budgeting and planning

  • Improved performance management

  • Simulate what-if scenarios that ensure better preparation for the future

  • Improvement points identification to achieve milestones

  • Improve the quality and speed of planning processes

  • Prepare projects faster and with greater precision

  • Guarantee realistic scenarios

  • Ability to adjust to corporate strategy based on forecast

Increase process speed and accuracy with Planning and Budgeting solutions