Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is a methodology that provides a reliable view of an information system important entities. These entities are usually stored and potentially duplicated in isolated applications - customers, suppliers, partners, products, materials, accounts, among others.

MDM comprehends all data management related matters as a valuable resource and helps manage data from multiple sources, reducing administration, storage, development, and server costs.

In a scenario where companies receive new data on a daily basis, Master Data Management is the competence to maintain an efficient, error-free and non-redundant information system.

Benefits of using Master Data Management Solutions

  • Access a single platform to manage all key entities

  • Data synchronization from multiple sources of information, eliminating redundancy and ensuring accurate, reliable and up-to-date data

  • Cost reductions regarding database maintenance and increasing its efficiency

Discover how Master Data Management solutions contribute to the success of your Organization