A smarter, more agile and profitable organization


Companies in the manufacturing industry face the constant challenge of increasing their quality levels, reducing costs and increasing their profitability, speed and agility. Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence solutions for Manufacturing help to create a more agile organization with the ability to adapt and act on a global scale.

Have total control of the production, quality, development and logistics, from the stakeholders (suppliers, employees or customers) to the structures and production processes. Get business critical data and turn insights that allow you to act at the right time.

Benefits you can get from Data Analytics & AI Solutions for Manufacturing

  • Manage in an integrated and real-time way the entire production cycle, from orders, through the factory, to the customer

  • Control inventory and develop budgets that incorporate production, operation, sales, and financial data for forecasting and planning

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by analyzing profits and losses, including analysis of product sales, raw materials, supplier costs and profitability of different distributors

  • Evaluate suppliers performance to negotiate better prices, ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining high quality standards

  • Boost financial management - to improve profit margins, a manufacturer needs to focus on both creating external profits and reducing internal costs

  • View all relevant KPIs, along with notifications of any changes to the data, achieving greater business agility

  • Carefully analyze costs from multiple sources so you can track material and production costs by analyzing and monitoring operational efficiency

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