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The Legal sector has been facing several changes ranging from regulatory changes, market globalization, increased competition, as well as higher demand from customers in terms of cost and level of service. Additionally, law firms and departments, store a large amount of data coming from processes, internal files, client documentation, etc., which need to be processed to present relevant business information.

By turning this amount of data into insights, processes become much more robust, agile and organised, which means a substantial improvement in the defence preparation or prosecution strategies.

Therefore, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions for the Legal Sector can help to respond to complex information needs, enabling the performance monitoring of key management indicators, as well as segmenting and systematising information, setting standards. Disruptive technology solutions improve processes, predict outcomes, and support decision-making through the cross-checking of different information sources, enabling strategic improvements, increased productivity and better customer service.

Benefits you can get from Data Analytics & AI Solutions for the Legal sector

  • Extract and aggregate data from past cases and court rulings to more accurately explore information from multiple perspectives and predict results

  • Labour-intensive and repetitive tasks automation, increasing productivity and freeing lawyers for tasks that require analytical thinking

  • Through Machine Learning you will be able to know the claimant profile, legal processes characteristics and the way how court act, accessing opportunities and risks in legal proceedings

  • Integrate financial and operational data, including risk management, practice and documentation management, case and workflow management, marketing and CRM, Human Resources and more

  • Quick access to data generated through information, documents, legislation, archives for easy daily business management

  • Integrate business processes, from budgeting to forecasting and planning, allowing for faster closing of processes

  • Get the immediate focus on workflow issues within the organization by managing and leveraging Human Resources

  • Identify revenue issues, fees, or immediate action charges

  • Provide users with access to legal cases and subject management analysis and monitoring to improve multi-level decision making

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