The legal area has been facing various regulatory changes, increased competition, globalization of markets and increased customer demand in terms of cost and service level. An Analytics solution for the Legal sector helps address complex information needs, allowing you to monitor the performance of your key management indicators.

Get support in the decision-making process, by crossing information from the various departments, in order to present information relevant to the business. Professionalize the decision-making process and focus on productivity and customer service, to achieve strategic goals and increase profitability.

Benefits you get with an Analytics Solution for the Legal sector

  • Integrate financial and operational data, including: risk management, practice management and documentation, case management and workflow, marketing and CRM, human resources, among others

  • Get real-time financial information and make a better forecast

  • Get an immediate focus on in-company workflow issues

  • Integrate business processes, from the budget to the forecast and planning, allowing an acceleration in the closing process

  • Give users access to an analysis and monitoring in case and subject management to improve multi-level decision making

  • Identify revenue or billing issues for immediate action

  • Set goals-based productivity guidelines

Manage all processes with an Analytics Solution for the Legal industry