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Competition, regulatory change, data growth and the need for greater fraud control are some of the challenges that the industry presents.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions for insurers enable effective strategic decision-making and efficient response to the constant business pressures that organizations in this industry are submitted.

Make the facts more predictable and gain a better business and market changes understanding. Provide employees with the right information, at the right time, based in user-friendly dashboards and appealing interface. Analyse all relevant data for an organization, as well as relevant data to the consumer, reaching a closer relationship with the customer and enabling the personalised products and services offer, and the most appropriate policy prices.

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Benefits you can get from Data Analytics & AI Solutions for Insurers

  • Proceed to customer segmentation, loss control, performance monitoring, sales forecasting and risk assessment

  • With dynamic financial analysis, solvency and asset and capital allocation models, analyse the financial health of your organization

  • Get a better understanding of the opportunities within each policy holder, including revenue growth, product promotion, business volume risk, and customer retention

  • Analyse for internationalization through a dashboard that presents country-specific or region-specific information and associated risks and opportunities

  • Anticipate scenarios through powerful predictive models that allow charting patterns and behaviours

  • Increase operational efficiency by making processes more productive and more automated

  • Improve after-sales services, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Offering more personalized products and services that meet each customers’ needs

  • Decrease fraud risk through historical and predictive analytics

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