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What contribution can Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools support in decision-making and planning in Government & Public Services?

The public sector has and produces a large data volume for the daily management of its services and citizens. Process digitalisation and Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions implementation for Government & Public Services allows to turn this data into powerful insights, to be possible to develop analytics, optimise processes and improve service delivery, therefore, ensuring better citizen services, more assertive decision-making and more efficient management.

The use of disruptive tools on Government & Public Services, whether in central or local services, enables all users to work efficiently with large volume of data to find information, make more informed decisions and ensure better service, thereby improving transparency and efficiency in public management to make critical decisions that affect the lives of millions of people.

Advantages you get from Data Analytics and IA Solutions for Government & Public Services

  • Control and optimize budget management through reliable insights that help you improve and make the most of your available budget, reducing costs and reinforcing investments

  • Accurate and intuitive reporting and dashboards give you access to operational data, enabling government programs to gain higher visibility, transparency and accountability with citizens

  • Using predictive and prescriptive analytics, you can create scenarios that help define the best public policies in industries such as health, justice, or education

  • Internal reports that help improve internal communication. Track employee performance, programs and new initiatives, as well as redistribute resources for optimal use

  • Due to chatbots, you can respond faster to citizens by reducing response time and improving public services image

  • Social Media mapping allowing real-time knowledge of public opinion in relevant cases such as elections or protests

  • Identify fraudulent behaviours by managing data analytics efficiently and quickly

  • Several data used by algorithms such as Deep Learning help in the preventive problems’ identification such as electricity or transportation networks

  • Better understand correlations and trends in underlying data and improve decision making

  • Present and analyse consolidated, reliable information quickly and visually appealing

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