Food & Beverages Industry

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The Food & Beverage industry is extremely demanding and constantly changing, whether due to the increase of the worlds’ population, new production forms and quality requirements, tight food rules of safety and hygiene or even new eating habits.

Among the main priorities for Food & Beverage industry organizations, are product tracking and performance, inventory management, customer service, revenue growth and cost efficiency/profitability. Thereby, transforming huge data volume from multiple sources with disruptive technologies leads organizations within the industry to another level, enabling them to boost their capacity and competitiveness by gaining insights resulting from data.

Consumer tastes and preferences impose a fast pace in the industry. Those who operate in this industry know the importance of having accurate, real-time information to keep up with trends, costs control and optimise purchasing decisions. Aside from having business-critical data at your disposal, you can automate numerous organizations processes.

With Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, by extracting data from multiple sources, you identify issues that can affect food quality, safety and freshness. Technology allows decision-makers to make the best decisions and create strategies based on concrete and reliable data, which will reduce error and costs.

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Benefits of using Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions

  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

  • Optimise promotions to execute them with high efficiency and high performance

  • Accurate and reliable inventory management and stocks control

  • Quality control following the food requirements of safety and hygiene and also allowing higher customer satisfaction

  • Higher efficiency in forecasting consumption trends to create a better relationship between the best-selling products and those with the best profitability

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Sales forecast

  • Creation of hypothetical scenarios

  • Discover growth opportunities

  • Distribution chain control, which will allow tracking movements, deadlines and quantities, minimizing waste and controlling costs

  • Costumer behaviours analytics and tastes to develop new products

  • Increased sales performance, optimising throughput and efficiency

  • KPIs visualisation for fast, responsive and conscious decision-making

  • Analysis and higher efficiency of distribution channels

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