Financial Department

Agilization and automation of processes for efficient analysis


Nowadays, the financial department must have reliable, and high-quality data reports to monitor the company’s financial health, anticipate scenarios, reduce costs and make agile and assertive decisions at the proper time.

Through Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, the Financial Directors can analyse the defined strategic goals, maintaining a permanent focus on obtaining the company’s profit, making efficient budget planning, as well as, for instance, conducting predictive analysis on sales forecast or costs of a new product or service.

With an increasingly relevant and strategic role, the Financial Director hence has, in an integrated and appealing way, access to relevant data and indicators that give a more comprehensive knowledge of all business areas.

Disruptive and innovative solutions allow information to be updated and available in one place in an integrated and optimised way.

Previously, it was necessary to make several reports per day of the multiple companies of the Group, which took a lot of time, in addition to the difficulty of accessing the systems. Now, I have a lot more time to focus on specific business points, to improve certain processes, and I also consider the collaboration between teams is much better, much easier to collaborate and makes everything more efficient”, – Group Cash Manager at Varo, Virginia Sigrist.

The use of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions allows you to organise your data efficiently and have automatically generated financial reports at your disposal, which will give you more time for an accurate analysis, effective monitoring of the principal indicators and a correct strategy.

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Advantages that the Financial Department obtains with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

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