Energy and Utilities

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In our daily activities, our lives depend a lot on this industry, so Energy and Utilities organizations, are under constant pressure to provide high-quality services, without delays and failures at an affordable price, 24/7.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions can help organizations in this industry to improve the efficiency of its operations, reduce costs and to provide better services that meet customers expectations. Also, new technologies are fundamental today for obtaining business-critical data, as well as for effectively responding to volatility from external factors, such as oil price fluctuations or geological instability.

Machine Learning algorithms and analytical models help organizations effectively manage and use its resources, control power flows, regulate energy grids, optimize work and avoid costly mistakes.

Given the changes at the regulatory level, the new forms of customer relationships, and the several changes and pressures that market players are undergoing, it is a sector with specific needs, and undoubtedly, that digital transformation and the use of disruptive technologies are critical to the organizations’ success in the industry.

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Benefits you get from Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Energy and Utilities sector

  • Improved operational efficiency and real-time data monitoring

  • Predicted malfunctions and reduced maintenance costs

  • Applying smart ecosystems enables to provide an accurate status of power outages in real-time to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction

  • Empowering of dynamic management systems in Smart Grids, which contributes highly to the optimization of energy flows between suppliers and consumers

  • Preventive equipment maintenance

  • Value chain optimization, seeking higher efficiency in power generation, transportation and supply

  • Achieving higher visibility and integration of all processes

  • Improved supplier relationships and price optimization

  • Faster and more responsive market responses: better customer understanding and ability to design and deliver effective and customised solutions

  • Fast and effective analysis of financial, economic, marketing and sales data

  • Achieving higher profitability and customer satisfaction

  • Increase profits and profitability while achieving significant cost reduction

  • Real-time KPI control and optimised asset management

  • More efficient, sustainable and intelligent power grids

  • Fight fraud efficiently and preventive data-driven maintenance, leading to lower risk of incidents and reduced cost

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