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The Energy and Utilities sector is under constant pressure to deliver high-quality services, without delays and failures, at an affordable price, 24/7. With data coming from different sources, transforming that data into insights is critical to a successful strategy and impacting the various business areas.

Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence solutions help businesses in this industry improve their operations’ efficiency, reduce costs and provide a good service that meets the expectations of their customers. Moreover, innovative technologies promise to be genuinely transformative for the sector. They are now crucial to gain business-critical insights and responding effectively to market volatility and external factors such as oil price variation or geopolitical instability.

Machine Learning algorithms and analytical models help companies to effectively manage and use their resources, control energy flows, regulate the network, automate processes and avoid mistakes that can mean high costs.

Digital transformation brings innovation, intelligence and disruption to the industry, enabling businesses to become more competitive, innovative and disruptive.

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Use Case: Accuracy and planning in refinery production

A company operating in the energy sector needed to group information from the refinery’s main production lines and production tanks, considering the source products, intermediates and the final product.

With a Data Analytics solution, it is now possible to precisely track the deviations between planned and effective production and rigorously control fuel loss scenarios. In addition, more efficient overall management of the stored end product and decision support for purchasing, renting and loaning storage space in tanks at various international locations have been achieved.

Use Case: Centralised data visualisation

A large company in the Energy and Utilities sector felt the need to centralise and obtain the overview of the refinery’s main indicators from the maintenance, financial, operational and customer satisfaction points of view.

With the identified needs, BI4ALL implemented a solution that allowed the visualisation of all data and critical insights through intuitive and visually appealing dashboards.

Expenses vs Budget, downtime costs or maintenance proactivity are some indicators now available at a click distance.


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