Data Science

The Power of Data


What if you could extract information from your data that you did not even know existed and obtain a competitive advantage that you never thought could be possible?

The technological innovation brings advance that transforms the world around us and one of the most striking effects of Digital Transformation was been the knowledge democratization, which today is virtually accessible in a fast, free and simple way.

However, in order to fully exploit this digital transformation, it is necessary to explore the data capability generated from these innovations. The data can indicate behaviours, trends and patterns that organizations can analyse, generate insights and use those results to improve customer relationships or create new business opportunities, which translates into more assertive and value-added strategies.

Data Science is the multidisciplinary study of knowledge from a wide amount of structured and unstructured data, that involves a variety of techniques and processes, such as scientific methods, statistics, mathematics, business knowledge and advanced computing, to extract knowledge from existing information which through the usual human analysis, would hardly be detected to help organizations in a better decision-making process.

Data Science Advantages

  • Solutions to business problems through statistical techniques and complex algorithms

  • Statistical understanding, which allows to create concrete hypotheses and “predict the future”

  • Business strategies optimization and targeting

  • Identification of patterns and trends, which generate forecasts and identify new opportunities

  • Predictive analysis using data, algorithms and Machine learning techniques that allow the acquisition of meaningful insights to define the better strategies to adopt

  • Greater knowledge of Economic, Social and Market Trends, which translates into increased business competitiveness and profitability

  • Customized marketing and sales strategy aligned with the target audience profile

  • Personalised services and products, which offer a better positioning to the costumers and a better perception of the feeling towards the brand

  • Forecasting sales potential, profits and losses

  • Data analysis of website visitor’s behaviour and better sales funnel conversion

  • A complete view of all the company’s information in real-time, generating more assertive and efficient decisions

  • Detection of unusual behaviour and fraud

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