Corporate Performance Management

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Modern-day business variables are complex, dynamic, and highly dependent on many external factors. Corporate Performance Management solutions aim to assess the key factors for each Organization and optimize performance with the best management and data driven practices.

BI4ALL added value to organizations is set on six vectors that are key to the Organizations:

Forecast – Manage Forecast approval. Ability to dynamically create forecasts and what-if scenarios. Enterprise-wide models linking operational plans with financial forecasts.

Balance Scorecard – Assess Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Strategic Vision for strategy maps, with a hierarchical cause-and-effect relationship among the KPI’s. Continuous Monitoring.

Fiscal Consolidation – Swift reconciliation, consolidation and aggregation of financial data based on different accounting standards. Create the audited, enterprise-level view of financial information.

Profitability Optimization – Activity-based costing (ABC) consultancy to determine and allocate costs at a highly granular level and Activity-based management to provide capabilities to model the impact on profitability of different cost and resource allocation strategies.

Sustainability – Support and assess the Environmental, Social, and Governance Indications (ESG KPI’s) for the Sustainability Report. Automate processes and solutions to streamline data integration and the development of the mandatory reports with Sustainability Strategic maps, and Continuous Monitoring.

Financial Reporting – Specialized Consultancy for structured financial statements (support for specific generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards .

Highly specialized consultancy services connecting both business and IT knowledge allows BI4ALL, as a Digital Transformation Partner, to build solutions focusing business added value but also to optimize these areas both with process automation and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). Integrating AI/ML enables us to provide scenario building solutions to help to strategize and anticipate decisions on the key variables of our clients.

BI4ALL CPM solution ecosystem is also supported by key partners to provide a 360-degree vision of the business supporting Planning, Forecasting, Reporting, Strategic Management (with KPIs and Scorecards) and Sustainability (supporting the current and new ESG Standards).



Assess the key Organization drivers that support the forecast process and optimize the process through data automation of source systems and definition of business rules.

Our added value is built with the design of a Business-driven solution that extends the Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) connecting Finance, Strategy and Operations in a unique Forecast process.

Forecast solutions are delivered enabling Drivers driven Forecast with the capacity to use what-if scenarios to adjust business decisions. Models enable to zoom-in from financial to operational data and quick transition from Business to Financial Concepts.

BI4ALL Forecast Framework (BI4CAST) as part of the CPM Solutions Ecosystem expands the Forecast process with a XP&A perspective and envisioning a model that supports Organizations to drive continuous forecast and continuous monitoring.

BI4CAST enables to drive requirements definition and process design being able to accelerate the process integrating key areas of Organizations as Sales/Revenue, HR Forecast, OPEX and CAPEX and Financial Statements (P&L by default).

Due to the tight connection and engagement of stakeholders, Forecast more than  reflecting future scenarios, needs to make available KPIs that are linked with the strategic plans, through target setting and reflect them with strategic reports. As part of the Solution Ecosystem, our Forecast Framework is able to connect both to the Financial Reporting solution as also to the Balance Scorecard and Sustainability Framework.

Our methodology and Forecast solutions aim to:


The Added value delivered starts with the completely automated procedure across all consolidation steps and group structures of any depth.

Our Fiscal Consolidation solution allows Organizations to detach from Excel on one of the key processes when addressing Holdings.

Our solutions focus on giving flexibility back to the Organization (being able to maintain the business rules for consolidation as also to allow the simultaneous presentation of accounting standards) and focus on data reliability (using less spreadsheets and limiting the risk for errors).

Data reliability is key for all processes and as such BI4ALL mitigates the risk of data transfer from ERP with Maximum traceability to the posting and source document

Long Term consolidation processes are reduced allowing the Organization to focus more on data and it’s insights, and less on the process.

Our Fiscal Consolidation solutions aim to:


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) areas and KPIs became a global imperative, placing companies under increasing scrutiny.

In 2024/2025 the scope of application of ESG is going to be extended to several Organizations. Stakeholder need to focus on the ESG and enable boards to have all information communicated and enable a clear strategy definition.

On the 21st of June 2022, the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), setting compulsory reporting criteria on environment, social affairs, and governance for large companies and listed SMEs from 2024.

Depending on the Organization, the application ESG regulation will take application:

  • January 1st 2024 for companies already subject to the non-financial reporting directive.
  • January 1st 2025 for companies that are not presently subject to the non-financial reporting directive.
  • January 1st 2026 for listed SMEs, small and non-complex credit institutions, and captive insurance undertakings

BI4ALL sustainability framework enables to streamline the reporting process automating the integration of data from the Organization’s ERP, and as part of the solutions Ecosystem, to automatically integrate the available relevant data.

Our Consultancy Services aim to determine the Organizations maturity and ESG risk level (calculated by adding the unmanaged risk for each material ESG issue).

Sustainability reporting is done based on Cross-Sector ESG and KPIs and completed with Sector specific ESG areas. Our specialized Teams have a framework of ESG Areas and KPIs but these are adjusted based on a starting business analysis that will determine the final design of the Organization Sustainability Framework, Model and Reporting design.

Assess the key Organization drivers that support the forecast process and optimize the process through data automation of source systems and definition of business rules.

Our value focus on reliable process automation, Full definition or improvement of the Organization’s ESG Areas and the correspondent KPIs, being able to support the maintenance of the Report by the Organization’s teams, delivery of a single repository (ESG Datamart) that integrates data from several sources, deliver key insights and data to support the ESG Reporting



Our Consultancy services focus on assessing how to drive profitability potential with a business strategy.

Assessing the key drivers for profits and costs allows to define models through which Organizations can project profitability through what-if scenario analysis and impact analysis.

For Profitability optimization, our added value results from processes to give visibility of cost allocation as also applying Activity based Cost (ABC) and Activity Based Management (ABM) classification, building insights to support driven management decisions.

Through AI/ML, scenario analysis are more details and forecast is more in tuned based on historical data and projections of expected financial data.

As part of the Solution ecosystem, profitability optimization and ABC and ABM may be integrated both in activity monitoring and in the forecast process.



Focus on enhancing Organizations Strategy, it’s communication cross Organization and execution.

Our specializations allows to focus on the Key Performance Indications(KPIs), assessing the Organization strategic maturity and enabling our Business Analysts to support Business in defining the indicators based on the activity and built by using the SMART methodology.

The Ecosystem design allows Scorecards to be linked to other vectors as for Forecast (streamlining the definition of targets) as also enabling to read and deploy data from the Sustainability model/Reports.

Our added value is to guarantee a flexible process to integrate data from the Organization and facilitate the communication of the strategic vision to the company (through strategic reports, impact diagrams for each KPI and enabling the continuous monitoring of these drivers).



Facilitate the process to integrate data from the different ERPs used in the Organizations and provide a reliable and flexible reporting system.

Our specialized teams are able to assess the business and financial drivers and rules to support the correct integration of data a definition and automatic calculation of key metrics.

Our Financial Datawarehouse solution design is drafted considering validation methodologies and guaranteeing data consistency.

Our Teams support the design of solutions through specialized Business Analysis services focused on the functional and Financial drivers that allow the automation of financial reporting (from simple to Statutory reporting mappings), based on the Organization Analytics and streamlining the Reporting processes.

While our Teams focus on Business and Finance rules, our CPM team focus on mappings and design the support for the Reporting process (through FDW, Financial Datamarts or other structured sources), our Center of Excellence  (COE) for Reporting, BI4ALL drives the Reporting design focusing on UX/UI and visualization best practices, to allow the definition of Reporting design templates/standards.

Our added value focuses on delivering flexible process definition to maintain mapping and reporting rules used in the FDW metrics calculations and in the Financial Reporting.

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