Tourism and Hospitality

Better customer knowledge, trend anticipation and process reliability


From bookings, reservations, accommodation data, customer preferences, transportation, satisfaction surveys, etc., organizations that operate in tourism and hospitality industry are characterised by a large amount of data that they have to manage in their daily activities. In this industry, it is essential to ensure the services and operations reliability to continue to rely on consumer confidence. A Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solution for Tourism and Hospitality ensures processes reliability and gives organizations the ability to derive value from the huge amount of generated data, bringing clear competitive advantages.

Presently, more and more organizations rely on technological solutions which add reliability to results, enable better customer insight, anticipate trends, and help an organization to manage its business more efficiently, cost-effectively and with smarter decision-making based in gained insights. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions enable organizations to react more efficiently and immediately to market changes, strategy-driven, marketing actions, and finding new opportunities.

Benefits you can get from Data Analytics and AI Solutions for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction by identifying customer trends and opinions

  • Maximize marketing campaigns branding and profitability with tailored and suitable offers

  • Analyse consumer behaviour more efficiently and learn about trends, patterns and expectations to increase opportunities

  • Get a better perception of your brand image, by analysing user conversations and interactions on social networks

  • Developing additional customer services in response to gained insights about what customers would like to have in their hotel units

  • Plan your strategy based on data and predictive analytics, such as indicators as occupancy rates

  • Identify inefficient processes and optimize it, to add value to the provided services

  • Increase business knowledge and make better decisions to stay competitive and better manage your revenue

  • Benchmark your performance against the market and your competitors

  • Provide proactive customer service with immediate access to information, complaints and service inconveniences, thereby increasing customer satisfaction

  • Get an intuitive, real-time overview of the company through dashboards and reports

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