Social Responsibility and Sustainability

BI4ALL's Organizational Social Responsibility voluntarily incorporates social and environmental concerns into its daily activities and interaction with its internal and external audiences. The social role is fulfilled when something beneficial to society and the environment is achieved. In a Social Responsibility Program, all actions must be considered in a long-term investment perspective oriented towards the sustainability of the planet.

BI4ALL, as a company, is integrated into a social, spatial and environmental atmosphere in which it influences and is influenced. The Social Responsibility of Organizations facilitates the creation of value and its sharing with society and is present in measures adopted such as respect for human rights, clients, investment in personal valuation, protection of the environment, quality of life of employees and equal opportunities.

All BI4ALL projects and actions are designed for targeted growth, periodically monitored, aligning various interests and improving the performance of the organization, preventing risks and promoting sustainable development.

Actions developed and in place

  • “Paper Less” ideology in order to reduce paper consumption internally
  • Battery Recycling Program
  • Glass Recycling Program
  • Bottle taps recycling program
  • Development of physical activities
  • Cafeteria with access to healthy food options
  • Health insurance for employees and family
  • Solidarity Action with APAV – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima
  • Solidarity Action with Centro de Solidariedade e Cultura de Peniche
  • Solidarity Action with Associação Chão dos Meninos
  • Solidarity Action with the Dress For Success Association
  • Solidarity Action with the fires of Coja and Barril de Alva
  • Solidarity Action with Tercena Temporary Accommodation Center
  • Solidarity Action with União Zoófila