Global Business Intelligence & Big Data Forum


In the month BI4ALL celebrated its 13th anniversary, we presented the first edition of the Global Business Intelligence & Big Data Forum, an inspiring and reference event in the area of ​​Business Intelligence, which allowed a sharing of knowledge and networking among more than 150 participants.

With this event we wanted to provide the possibility of attending different sessions, explaining the importance and advantages of data mining for companies, from value chain optimization and efficient use of human capital, to personalized customer relationships and improved security. On the other hand, unique testimonies of implementations were shared, which enabled the Organizations to monitor their goals daily and, at the same time, to find new business opportunities, reduce risks, reorganize resources and improve operational efficiency.

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Your participation was very important to us, and we would like to reinforce our commitment to respond better and offer the best service. We will be at your disposal for any clarification, and meeting schedule.

Presentations - Sala do Lago

  • Informação e Performance - Os Dois Lados da Moeda

    José Oliveira, CEO
  • Start Small, Think Big - Ter sucesso com Big Data

    Pedro Nunes, Solutions Development Manager
  • GDPR - A sua Organização está Preparada?

    Nuno Saldanha, Business Consultant
  • Solução de CPM & BI Transversal às Unid de Negócio

    Paulo Gago da Câmara, Diretor IS and Maria José Camilo, Coord. Planeamento e Controle de Gestão
  • BI in a Startup

    Daniel Cadete, BI Manager
  • BI na CML -Dos Indicad. Urb. à Analítica de Cidade

    Rosa Pires Branco, Chefe de Divisão de Inf. Georreferenciada
  • Seamless Integration of SAP and SQL Server

    Thomas Schiessl, Sales Director and Khoder Elzein, Product Director
  • The New Era of Analytics

    Paul T. Murphy, Europe Analytics & Big Data Technical Sales Leader

Presentations - Sala Privada

  • Estratégia de RH com Base em Analytics

    Andro Moreira, Partner
  • Gerir a Performance em Empresas de Serviços

    João Lopes, Business Development Manager
  • Automat de Processos de Neg em Soluções Analíticas

    Tiago Fonseca, Executive Director
  • Self-service e Governance para a Área Financeira

    Hugo Pinto, Partner
  • Pharma - Solução para Gestão Empresarial

    Pedro Martins, Business Development Manager
  • CPM - Gestão de Desempenho Empresarial

    Jorge Viegas, Associate Manager
  • GDPR - Soluções Técnicas para o Problema

    Sérgio C. and Carlos S., Solutions Development Manager e Sérgio Costa, Solutions Development Manager
  • Using Location Intelligence to Drive Efficiency

    Marc Hobell, Director EMEA