25 May 2016

BI4ALL at Business – Automotive

Currently, organizations face increasingly complex challenges. The market is global, and competition fierce, with more informed and demanding customers, which means CEOs can no longer rely solely in tools that indicate the “how much” and “when” to take decisions, they need to broaden their analysis to “how” and “why”. Companies need to have actionable information in real-time, in order to allow them to take the right decisions while, at the same time, they ensure their competitiveness. These are the challenges that companies face and which have led BI4ALL to launch BI4AUTO.

Business analytics tools are a clear added value, since they are the ones that allow the transformation of the huge amount of available date into useful information. These tools apply to all economic fields, such as the auto industry, in which companies are looking into growing beyond the mere vehicle sale, creating effective mechanisms and processes that make it possible to analyse behaviours and preferences in order to establish an ongoing connection with its customers through the post-sales maintenance services.

In order to help its customers, BI4ALL offers a unique auto reporting tool, providing access to essential information for decision-taking. It also makes it possible to provide data reports in real time to companies in the auto industry, so that internal customers can access enterprise data, empowering them to have an insight-driven approach, through the knowledge of all relevant business factors.

Through this process, being able to amass large amounts of data, the ensuing operational reports are increasingly capable of providing the information needed for decision making, taking into account specific dashboards for hierarchic data visualization, by relevance and most significant KPIs. As such, the BI4AUTO solution is based in an appealing and easy-to-use interface, in order to respond to the regular market dynamics changes, offering to only data related to current performance, but also future business.

Of note, this solution covers the vehicle, post-sales (for repair shops and parts) and finance. In what concerns the vehicles, it is possible to fetch relevant data over vehicle segment, sales in units, global revenue, or margins; stock per unit, per time length or average time, as well as the performance of the sales team.

The post-sale segment, aiming at repair shops, provides information analysis of work underway, be it by quantity or value, margins, usage and efficiency rates as well as the number of billable hours. Regarding post sale for parts, this solution provides information related to sales analysis, acquisitions, ongoing parts usage, margins and stocks, be they per unit, time length or average time.

Lastly, the Financial Information segment provides information pertaining to the statements of income, treasury, balance sheets and specific maps for personnel costs.

By quickly browsing through this easy-to-use interface, it is possible to understand the current performance of the company and, additionally, to compare it with the performance held the previous year.

With this offering, it is possible to generate information and create knowledge with direct impact over business results. By owning all the needed competences as well as the best partners on its side, BI4ALL is the ideal partner for monitoring and analysing all of a company’s information.