13 March 2019

Leadership and Talent Management Forum 2019

The 4th edition of the Leadership and Talent Management Forum, organized by Human magazine, gathered at Lagoas Park Hotel, in Oeiras, more than 150 participants. Since 2016, this Forum addresses cutting-edge topics related to leadership and talent management in organizations, bringing together, annually, a wide range of global players in the corporate world.

The theme was “Experiences of Leadership: contributions to the development of people and the success of organizations”.

BI4ALL’s Partner, Andro Moreira, was present in one of the discussion panels with the topic “Experiences of leadership in a multinational environment”. This same panel counted with the participations of Microsoft, Oracle, S21sec (Sonae Group), PWC, Altran and Oracle representatives.

“BI4ALL is a company with a very unique culture, that values a familiar spirit. We are a highly specialized company that bets on innovation.“, said Andro Moreira during the discussion.

Launched in 2016, the generic theme was “Imagination, Equality and Entrepreneurship”. In the second edition, the option was “The future of work, business and companies”. Finally, in 2018, the theme chosen was “The New Challenges of Leadership”.