30 September 2019

DSPA Insights 2019

The DSPA Insights 2019 conference was featured with the participation of a number of experts in Data Science topics and areas, including national and international keynote speakers and case studies from leading organizations, industry leaders across a range of industries, addressing highly advanced, innovative and disruptive technologies at the service of transforming business models and processes of Organizations and society.

BI4ALL was one of the partners of this conference and conducted the presentation "The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation", led by our experts, André Marques (AI & Data Science Lead) and Rui Afeiteira (Knowledge & Innovation Lead). In this session, it was demonstrated a digital transformation process for access to typical information using Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) over traditional methods, which is a great help in providing greater agility and allowing the use of creative approaches to digital transformation within Organizations.

Check below some highlights: