3 November 2021

TOMORROW 21: A stage with more than 30 experts presenting the power of insights for business

Under the motto, The Future is Now, on November 9 and 10, the event will bring together success cases and inspiring presentations, the main market trends, and the power of insights for business.

Lisbon, 3rd of November, 2021 – BI4ALL, a leading company in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, will bring together industry experts in the 2nd edition of Tomorrow, BI4ALL’s annual event, that received a rebrand in 2020 upon the company’s 16th anniversary and took place in a virtual space. This year, this industry benchmark event will be held in a hybrid format.

For two days, national and international experts will discuss the importance and applicability of technological solutions in organizations, as well as analyze the main market trends related to the area of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Attendees will be able to experience more than 20 sessions where they will have the opportunity to learn about success stories and inspiring presentations, discover key market trends and the power of business insights, in a format that favors interaction among participants and networking.

Specialists from BI4ALL and renowned companies such as ANSR (National Road Safety Authority), IRN (Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs), Azevedos Group, Entreposto Group, Johnson & Johnson, OGMA, Varo Energy, and VdA will share impactful stories, market trends and how Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions help drive organizations’ business. For more information and details on speakers, agenda, and registration, please visit the event website at tomorrowbi4all.com.

Tomorrow is an event where innovation, intelligence, and disruption are present at all times. It is a privilege to have renowned speakers and companies at our annual event, where this year we will be able to welcome participants on two stages: the physical and the virtual. It will certainly be another successful edition, where ideas and inspiring stories will be shared, and we will be able to understand how, in practice, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions bring competitiveness to organizations.”, says Carla Fonseca, Marketing Director of BI4ALL.

Throughout these two innovative days full of knowledge, will be discussed topics such as Innovation, Intelligence and New Paradigms, Shaping The Future Of Healthcare Through Technology & Insights, Data-Driven Journey, Artificial Intelligence in the Transformation of your Business, Customer 4.0, Go2Cloud, the Monetization of UX/UI Design, among other very relevant topics to help boost the business of organizations.

Highlighted are BI4ALL’s visions for the future of Pharma and MedTech, Energy, Banking and Financial Services and Insurance sectors and a session dedicated to Nearshore where the advantages of implementing this model will be addressed.

The Solo Sailor, Ricardo Diniz, will also be present and will demonstrate how the ability to anticipate, adapt, and react in time to challenges is crucial to success.

At the event, there will also be a stage where participants can learn about BI4ALL products directed to the needs of their companies, as well as the participation of technology partners where AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, and Theobald Software will present their technological innovations.

On November 9, Tomorrow will have a hybrid format, where the physical component will be held at the exclusive BI4ALL City, in Lisbon, where guests will be able to follow live sessions, take advantage of networking opportunities, meet with experts and enjoy a lounge area with catering service, providing a pleasant experience all day long, with all the security conditions. On November 10, the event will be 100% digital.

Over these two days, participants will have access to a sturdy platform where, in addition to attending a high-impact agenda, they can also visit virtual booths, test demos, meet with experts through virtual meetings, network, and discover how they can position their company at the forefront of the market.

The complete agenda of the event can be seen here.

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