16 April 2019

BI4ALL turnover exceeds 11.5 million euros in 2018

The Portuguese technology company specialized in Analytics and Big Data services registered new growth figures, having achieved a turnover of 11.5 million euros and doubled its operating result.

BI4ALL, a leading Portuguese company specialized in Data Analytics solutions, surpassed for the first time 10 million euros in revenue in 2018. Having achieved a turnover of 11.5 million euros, the company comunicates, thus, another positive result in the follow-up of the growth evidenced in recent years.

With a growth of billing value in relation to 2017 in the order of 28%, it repeats the trend of growth of turnover evidenced in previous years. In particular, the national market maintained its preponderance, with a 52% weight in the company's overall accounts and an absolute growth of more than 1,1 million euros, which represented an increase of 24% compared to the increase registered in 2017. BI4ALL's international turnover thus represents 48% of the total, registering a growth of 36% compared to 2017, representing an absolute growth of 1.5 million euros. BI4ALL doubled its EBITDA to over 2 million euros.

At the level of external markets, Europe has a 22% share of the international market, and the rest of the Americas and the rest of the world account for 78% of the international market and 37% of the total market.

For José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO, "Overcoming the 10 million euro 'billing barrier' is not only a victory for the entire team that daily works to deliver a tremendous value to our customers, but also a clear market value in relation to Analytics and Big Data solutions. The evolution of the national and international contexts proves the validity of our commitment to an area of ​​specialization more valued by Portuguese and foreign decision makers, but also to the solid capabilities of the BI4ALL team".

In a highly competitive talent recruitment market, BI4ALL increased its number of employees by 35% and exceeded its recruitment goals for 2018, closing 2018 with 196 employees, with the prospect of employing 70 new employees in 2019.

Also in the year that the company celebrates its 15th anniversary, it is moving to a new space and taking the first steps in creating the BI4ALL city. A new space that will bring innovation and will have different details that contribute to a unique working environment that reflects the BI4ALL culture.

"The results achieved in 2018 consolidate BI4ALL's position in the market, reinforcing the status of a reference company. After 15 years of activity, the BI4ALL brand is increasingly a synonymous of quality, expertise and guarantee of results that sustain the success of our Clients. In 2018, we were particularly successful in sectors such as Life Science, Banking and Financial Services, or Transportation, but we want to strengthen our values ​​across all areas throughout 2019, always keeping in mind the goal of continuing to grow and to evolve the solutions that we develop. For this year, the financial objective is to reach the goal of 16 million euros, thus reinforcing the status of a trusted partner in Portugal and internationally", mentions José Oliveira.

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