19 January 2017

BI4ALL strengthens international growth with attendance at Swedish event

Lisbon, January 19, 2017 - Data Drives Business (BeslutsstödsDagen 2017) is the largest Business Intelligence event held in Sweden. This year's edition will be held in Stockholm on January 26, with more than 250 companies expected to attend.

As a national leader, with an international presence in the development of Business Intelligence solutions, BI4ALL, for this event, has chosen to participate as an exhibitor and will present its Nearshore Center and demonstrate its knowledge, expertise and domain of solutions enabling organizations to have a competitive advantage by consolidating data from different sources of information into a single view, providing valuable metrics for turning data into insights.

The conference is a unique opportunity for BI4ALL as it strengthens its market leadership position as well as a presence among the most important European organizations in the sector, demonstrating its ability to execute in highly competitive markets.

BI4ALL is committed to developing an offer of excellence and these forums give the opportunity to demonstrate its technological position at a global level, as well as to be present with its Clients, promoting their culture, valorization by management, and know-how in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions.

On the other hand, BI4ALL's participation will also allow the exchange of experiences with Partners and Clients who have developed and witnessed other projects and challenges. The quality of the speakers and participants in this type of event not only facilitates but also stimulates this interactive dynamic, making evident the added value of a conference like Data Drives Business for BI4ALL.
The company's investments in events of an international caliber enable it to strengthen its capacity to expand in world markets and, at the same time, to contact international best practices. Thus, these actions have as main objective the approximation of BI4ALL to its Clients and to the more developed world markets.

According to José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO, "Investing in an event like this will reinforce BI4ALL's leadership and ability to be able to implement, not only at a national level, but also internationally, Business Intelligence solutions, fundamental for the most efficient development of an organization", he concludes.

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