27 June 2018

BI4ALL seeks new Talent and reopens Talent Academy

In order to strengthen its team, BI4ALL intends to integrate, during 2018, about 30 new Employees and 10 more participants in the Talent Academy.

BI4ALL, a national reference company in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions, announces that, this year, it intends to include 30 new Talents in its team and will soon hold the fourth edition of the Talent Academy with 10 participants.

In order to be prepared to respond to the new challenges posed by the emergence of new projects, the company bets on the recruitment of the best talent and the continuous valuation of its team. Since its inception, BI4ALL has defined people as one of its main pillars, and has always been committed to creating a culture that is very oriented towards people, promoting family environment and proximity, but also giving them the knowledge and the best tools to do their job.

The Talent Academy is a program designed to facilitate and encourage the sustained integration of recent graduates into the job market. Scheduled to begin on July 2, the Talent Academy will enroll 10 participants over a two-month period where they will receive theoretical and practical training in Data Science, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Business Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Guided by a team of Managers and Senior Consultants, they will develop their knowledge through the contact with different tools, namely SQL, Power BI, Spark, Qlik, AWS, MicroStrategy, among others. At the end of these two months of training, as in previous years, BI4ALL will give graduates the opportunity to embrace company projects, both nationally and internationally.

According to José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO, "If we join Innovation and BI and Artificial Intelligence, we have the keywords of the BI4ALL 2018 Academy. The goal is to foster the development of their technical skills in different methodologies, as well as stimulate their analytical thinking, based on the different aspects of the business. All the feedback we have obtained, both from trainers and from the trainees, has come to prove the excellence of our Academy, as well as the program developed and implemented", he mentions.

The company has recorded strong growth in its turnover over the years. These results, strongly positive, result from the company's strategic commitment to the adequacy and relevance of its offer, as well as the partnerships established and the commitment on human capital as a fundamental pillar of the company's development.

"The competition for the best talent is now more important than ever. At BI4ALL, we have a long-standing bet, in combining the most attractive challenges with the best conditions to achieve them, for those who like to challenge the status quo we have the best opportunities", says José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO.

In this sense, the BI4ALL team is made up of highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the technological field. All of our consultants are trained and certified, continuously in the technologies in which they work, bringing together unique knowledge and vast experience in different business areas.

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