28 September 2021

BI4ALL responsible for Alloga-Logifarma’s AI solution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution developed by BI4ALL interprets the documentation and communicates directly with the warehouse management system.


Lisbon, September 28th, 2021 – BI4ALL, a leader in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, is responsible for the Artificial Intelligence solution implemented by Alloga-Logifarma, making the company dedicated to pharmaceutical logistics more agile, efficient and competitive.

Every day, Alloga-Logifarma receives dozens of deliveries from production units around the world, mostly in Europe. The products are accompanied by packing lists, which provide details of the products. To streamline the process of inserting information into the system, which arrived on paper and was manually registered, an AI solution was developed by BI4ALL that interprets all documentation and communicates directly with the warehouse management system. With the information consolidated on a platform, the process became easier, semi-automatic and less error-prone.

In 2020, Alloga-Logifarma represented 150 laboratories, which is equivalent to 500,000 prepared orders and 100 million units shipped in the national market. Although Alloga-Logifarma has had a warehouse management system for many years, the data was manually entered using a radio frequency pistol that was linked to the warehouse management system.

The technological solution created by BI4ALL thus brought agility and efficiency to this process. Until then, operators read the product’s barcode and manually entered the lot, quantity, expiration date and some parameters, such as the number of units per box. Today, if they have the packing list that accompanies the merchandise, this data is automatically introduced, by scanning, and enters directly into the company’s warehouse management system, which allows for standardizing the information and having it easily accessible.

José Oliveira, CEO of BI4ALL, states that “Alloga-Logifarma is another successful case in implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions in its business. It is gratifying to be part of this project and to see that, more and more, companies recognize the importance of emerging technologies, which bring them more optimized processes, cost reduction and greater competitive advantages.”

With more agile and efficient processes, Alloga-Logifarma was thus able to reduce the time it takes to make a product available to the market and customers, which increased their level of satisfaction, as they were able to put the products on sale more quickly. “The main benefits were the reduction of the delivery lead time, the increase in productivity, the reduction of errors and the anticipation of information. There was also a parallel project for scheduling goods, intending to know what we were going to receive the next day and being able to identify the products that were missing in the warehouse management system”, says João Gomes, Operations Director of Alloga-Logifarma.

The person responsible also refers to the acceptance of the technological solution by employees, adding that “initially there was some reluctance to change on the part of employees, but quickly all stakeholders recognized the benefits that the solution brought to the process of interpreting the packing lists, as a better organization of the activity, increased productivity, better customer service and cost reduction”.

In the future, Alloga-Logifarma wants to continue to evolve and be at the forefront of technology, not least because it recognizes that this is a competitive advantage over its competitors. This project was initiated in the area of receiving goods and, at the moment, an AI solution for the warehouse is being developed.

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