16 October 2018

BI4ALL relaunches Analytics & Big Data Forum

In this great event, several testimonials from experts have demonstrated how they implement strategies that allow us to innovate, compete and capture value in this competitive market.

Lisbon, October 16, 2018 – BI4ALL, a leading Analytics solutions development company, has hosted the Analytics & Big Data Forum, a unique space for sharing and debate on the importance of innovation for business competitiveness by exploring solutions which allow to generate data insights to get the best business decisions.

The second edition of the Analytics & Big Data Forum was held on October 11 at the Centro Cultural de Belém, and featured a high-profile agenda and a highly qualified audience. During a day, this event explored solutions and gave the opportunity to listen to unique testimonies of solutions that allow Organizations to monitor their goals daily, find new business opportunities, reduce risk, reorganize resources and improve operational efficiency.

In a scenario where details make the difference between success and failure of Organizations, identifying solutions that make managers capable of finding the best way to guide business growth is a fundamental asset. We are increasingly producing more data, and it is therefore essential that these Organizations realize how to take advantage and extract value from the whole volume of information that is generated.

To meet the challenges of today, the Analytics & Big Data Forum featured a rich content agenda and a set of presentations focused on making Organizations smarter. This was an excellent opportunity to hear, debate, share and apprehend the major trends in the market, in a time when data has never been so much talked about, its importance, the challenges that it entails, as well as its impact and influence in obtaining advantages competitive across all areas and functions.

On this day, guests had the opportunity to watch the Discussion Panel “How Analytics and Big Data help transform data into insights”, where Andro Moreira (BI4ALL Partner), Carlos Calado (IT Manager – Supply Chain of Johnson & Johnson), Daniel Cadete (BI Manager of VARO Energy) and Fernando Resina da Silva (VdA Partner) debated ideas and gave their views on these issues.

In addition to the presentations of solutions, addressed by BI4ALL specialists, where the major market trends were addressed, the conference also featured Miguel Castro Neto’s keynote, Professor and Deputy Director from NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS). The meeting was also marked by the presentation of renowned companies such as MetLife, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, TAP Portugal, NOS, Grupo Pestana and SUMA, who shared unique testimonies of deployments used in the real world.

“The Analytics & Big Data Forum was undoubtedly a success, both in admission and at the level of agenda and speaker content. We were honored to have outstanding speakers who presented their success case and demonstrated their practical experiences in using innovative and disruptive technologies”, concludes José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO.

To see the full agenda and information about the sessions and speakers, see the event brochure.


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