13 September 2018

BI4ALL reinforces investment in North region with new office in Porto

The new location represents the evolution of BI4ALL's business and is a fundamental part of the consolidation strategy of the company's offer.

BI4ALL, a company leader in the development and implementation of Analytics solutions, announces the growth of its presence, now, in the North region with the opening of a new office in Porto's greater area, specifically at TecMaia (Parque da Ciência e Tecnologia of Maia).

The choice of the city of Porto to open an office is related to growing business opportunities and demand, as well as competent and specialized professionals in the IT area.

TecMaia's choice as the location in the city of Porto is based mainly on the fact that the company shares one of the main values ​​with this center - knowledge - as well as being in a geographically accessible and privileged area.

The BI4ALL team for this new office is currently composed with 11 employees, and will help to establish professionals with high levels of skills while developing an important region of the country. This enhanced team will allow BI4ALL to continue to respond with high levels of quality to the challenges presented by its customers, regardless of their size or complexity.

According to José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO, "We believe that by betting on strengthening our operation in Porto, we will be able to better support customers in the North region, as also creating a stronger relationship, benefiting from the geographical centrality, quality of professionals and ease of communication".

At the end of 2017, BI4ALL had 145 employees, now numbering 170 and will certainly grow by the end of the year.

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