6 October 2020

BI4ALL Patronises School 42 Lisboa

With over 10,000 students and 30 campuses around the world, this school is recognised as one of the best programming schools in the world

Lisbon, October 7th of 2020 – BI4ALL is part of the group of benefactors, which made 42 Lisboa viable. This inclusive, disruptive and technological school was only possible, due to the support of several stakeholders, who decided to invest in the education of young people who want to develop their skills and talents.

42 Lisboa, officially opened in Portugal at the end of July, is a project promoted by Pedro Santa-Clara, to respond to the high labour market demand, by programmers, and to allow young people who did not proceed with their studies. In this school, training is free, no academic training or professional experience is required, and there are no timetables or teachers.

José Oliveira, CEO of BI4ALL, states that “We are very excited about the partnership we have established with the prestigious 42. We live in an increasingly digital and technological world where organizations need to hire profiles specialised in innovation technologies to remain innovative and competitive. We completely identify with the values of 42 Lisboa, because in addition to having a very competent team, it opens the door to free training in an entirely innovative, flexible and disruptive learning model”.

He also mentions that “the BI4ALL team is our most valuable element and our window to the world. We value excellence and invest in recruiting the best talents and in their continuous training. For this reason, it is undoubtedly a pride to embrace this project, which we believe and feel will make a difference in society and companies by allowing developing and shining new talents!”

This partnership, as well as the BI4ALL’s participation, as one of the benefactors of this revolutionary school, demonstrates BI4ALL’s capacity and know-how as the principal market player, which is concerned with following the main technological and Human Resources trends, and always seeks to support initiatives promoted by the community in which it operates, encouraging the realisation of multiple projects, and therefore contributing to economic, social and cultural development.

“BI4ALL has been an extraordinary partner! Since our first conversation, José Oliveira has shown himself to be a great enthusiast of 42 Lisboa and has helped us in all stages of this complicated process, which is to launch a new school. I believe that BI4ALL will become a great recruiter for our students and that we can jointly develop challenges that further enrich the learning experience at school. On behalf of all candidates for 42 Lisboa, we are truly grateful to BI4ALL and José Oliveira for believing in this project and our team from the beginning,” says Pedro Santa-Clara, 42 Lisboa Director.

With a very people-oriented culture, BI4ALL today has more than 260 highly qualified employees and with extensive experience in the area of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies. The organization has the ambition to continue to grow and therefore, continuously stakes on hiring the best talents.

The training is free and does not require any academic background or programming experience, the only requirement is that candidates are at least 17 years old, and very willing to learn. In Lisbon, more than 5,000 applications have already been registered, of which the first students to join the program will be selected in February 2021.


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