18 October 2017

BI4ALL organizes the largest national Business Intelligence & Big Data Conference

In the month BI4ALL celebrates its 13th anniversary, it presents the first edition of the Global Business Intelligence & Big Data Forum, a landmark event in the Business Intelligence area, bringing together more than 150 participants from large organizations.

The Global Business Intelligence & Big Data Forum, hosted by the nation’s leading company in the implementation and development of Business Intelligence solutions, featured a high-profile agenda and a highly qualified audience. Designed to demonstrate the importance of this tool, in addition to the case studies presented by customers, several solutions and strategies have been presented that allow organizations to leverage their businesses.

In such a competitive world and in a setting where details can make the difference between success and failure, organizations are looking for new ways to generate insights and gain competitive advantage. In this context, there was a need to create the Global Business Intelligence & Big Data Forum, an event that would make it easier for companies to clarify the importance of implementing Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions. The main purpose of this event was to provide participants with the opportunity to attend different sessions explaining the importance and advantages of data mining for companies, from value chain optimization and efficient use of human capital to customer relationships and enhanced security.

On the other hand, unique testimonies of implementations were shared, which enabled the Organizations to monitor their goals daily and, at the same time, to find new business opportunities, reduce risks, reorganize resources and improve operational efficiency.

According to José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO, “We were extremely pleased with the success of this first edition of the Global Business Intelligence & Big Data Forum, as well as the number of people who attended our event. In this way, the organization of a conference of this nature and the adhesion that it had, on the part of all the participants, reinforces our leadership and the ability to stand out as a reference company in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions”, he concludes. To see the complete agenda and information about the sessions and speakers, see the Brochure.

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