10 November 2020

BI4ALL organises virtual event Tomorrow 2020

In the year that celebrates its 16th anniversary, BI4ALL presents a virtual event that will address major trends in the area of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Lisbon, 10th of November 2020 – The success of Organizations in the new Digital Economy environment, is largely determined by Data & Analytics strategies capable of scaling with business objectives. In this context, BI4ALL organises on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November, the Tomorrow, a virtual event, where it will address the main trends in the Data & Analytics area and how they can boost the success of companies.

For three days, participants will attend sessions presented by renowned companies and speakers such as Daniel Cadete (VARO), Daniel Rodrigues (Johnson & Johnson), João Gomes (Alloga-Logifarma), Jorge Ponte (IRN), Loraine Nazaré (University of Aveiro), Rui Alves (VdA), Rui Monteiro (TAP Air Portugal) and Sérgio Almeida (OGMA). BI4ALL specialists will also participate, who will share how disruptive solutions contribute to more intelligence and efficiency in organizations. We will also have sessions from technology partners such as AWS, Microsoft, MicroStrategy and Theobald Software. Also noteworthy is the presence of Roberta Bigliani, IDC Group Vice President & Head of Industry Insights, who will talk about how organizations are embracing the future of intelligence. You can consult the complete event schedule here.

BI4ALL’s history has been marked by a disruptive and innovative culture, with a focus on creating value and developing solutions that meet the real needs of organizations, so that they obtain competitive advantages by transforming their data into insights, as well as a constant commitment to the training and qualification of its employees. These 16 years have resulted in annual, permanent and sustained growth, in double digits, and national and international recognition with more than 25 awards in the most diverse areas, particularly, Innovation, Reputation, Human Resources, among others.

Tomorrow 2020 is highly in line with the purpose of BI4ALL: “This event is an example of everything that BI4ALL stands for. It is crucial that companies optimise processes, be more agile and reduce costs, particularly in times of uncertainty that we are living today. Now is the right time to align strategies, create competitive advantages and look at technological solutions as a lever for business. At BI4ALL we help organizations in the process of Digital Transformation and Data Strategy. We work with our customers to be more agile and vigorous companies, adapt and anticipate market changes and achieve an excellent performance”, declares Carla Fonseca, Marketing Director at BI4ALL.

BI4ALL has always worked side by side with its Customers, providing the best services and solutions and helping them to achieve the best results and a differentiating position, through their data.

“We are extremely proud of our journey and our growth over these 16 years! This growth is based on a constant commitment to innovation and excellence. In addition to a very close relationship with our customers, we have a very people-oriented culture, promoting the family and proximity environment, and investing in a continuous appreciation of employees. We work with high-performance teams, with excellent knowledge of our skills and passion for results, which is reflected in the customers who work with us over the years.”, says BI4ALL CEO, José Oliveira.

That is why we want to invite companies to join BI4ALL in this virtual event and discover how, through Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, they can achieve the best results and a differentiating position in the market.

In this event, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a different experience through access to an App where besides watching an important event schedule, it is possible to visit virtual stands, test demos, meet with our specialists through virtual meetings and discover how you can position your company at the forefront of the market.

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