23 November 2020

BI4ALL organises for the first time an annual event in virtual format

Tomorrow 2020 gathered the testimonies of several experts, who for three days discussed the higher trends in Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence area

Lisbon, November 23rd of 2020 – BI4ALL organised, during the 10th, 11th and 12th of November, Tomorrow2020. The virtual event addressed the higher trends in the Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence area and, was a unique place for sharing about the importance of innovation for the organizations’ competitiveness, exploring solutions that allow generating insights from the data to obtain the best business decisions.

This edition of the BI4ALL annual event was the stage where solutions were explored, and where there was the opportunity to listen to unique testimonies, of how through Data & Analytics solutions, daily objectives are monitored, new business opportunities are found, reduce risks, reorganise resources and improve operational efficiency.

The tomorrow of organizations is today, and it is precisely at times of eminent uncertainty that companies need reliable information that supports efficient decision-making.

The CEO of BI4ALL recalled during his presentation that “technology today has infinite capabilities. In the area where BI4ALL has been working for 16 years, there has been a very significant evolution. Traditional business intelligence has evolved a lot, and the big difference for Analytics has to do with the proactivity of solutions. With Analytics we are able to make predictions, interact and see much more information to make decisions.”

To answer the challenges of the Digital Transformation era, José Oliveira also shared that up to 73% of all data collected by organizations is stored without being used, according to a study by Forrester. This happens because “we continue not to use all the data we store for decision-making and this is due to the way the information is stored that does not allow it to be used, as it is isolated, dispersed, in old systems and that are not connected. This process is changing with Digital Transformation and is different from company to company. But all companies have to start their digital transformation process, which starts with organizations and how they want to work.”

During three mornings, where different themes were approached and with an audience always exceeding 300 people live, it was possible to attend several prestigious sessions that unveiled some of the higher trends in the market, at a time when there has never been so much talk around the importance of organizations optimising, reducing costs and creating higher competitive advantages. In addition to this excellent knowledge sharing, it was also possible to visit the partners’ virtual stands, test demos of technological solutions of excellence and meet with BI4ALL specialists through virtual meetings.

The virtual event also had the participation of Roberta Bigliani (Group Vice President, Head of Industry Insights Europe, IDC), who left some data for the future, and also shared some of the benefits that organizations have in adding more intelligence to their business. According to IDC, in 2024, 50% of all bank payments will use AI/ML to continuously optimise payment and routing messages for cost and efficiency.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn about the Success Stories of the University of Aveiro and Logifarma, in addition to attending panel discussions on topics such as digital transformation, the benefits of adopting Data Analytics solutions and the new challenges of organizations, and the present and future of Artificial Intelligence.

This virtual event is marked by the different interventions in the several debate panels, composed by BI4ALL clients such as Daniel Cadete (VARO), Rui Monteiro (TAP) Jorge Ponte (IRN) Sérgio Almeida (OGMA), Daniel Rodrigues (Johnson & Johnson) and Rui Alves (Vda), as well as the participation of Andro Moreira, Hugo Pinto and Rui Gorgueira from BI4ALL.

It is also worth mentioning knowledge sharing sessions that addressed how digital transformation is a lever for the future and how to enhance Artificial Intelligence in your business.

It was also possible to watch the demonstration of several solutions, including the Knowledge Hub, a knowledge management tool that allows you to manage, catalogue and index structured and unstructured information, the BIA Reporting product, a centralised solution for all Analytics content for organizations that allows discovering, organising, collaborating and optimising the reports and dashboards from various systems, and the BIA Document Recognizer product, a platform that offers artificial intelligence and machine learning services that allows any company to teach, process and extract content from documents automatically.

There was also the opportunity for Partner Sessions that were taken over by AWS, MicroStrategy, Theobald Software and Microsoft, who shared how technological solutions perform such a relevant role today.

“Tomorrow2020 was undoubtedly a success, both in terms of membership and content, as it was three mornings of sharing incredibly rich knowledge in the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence area. We were honoured to have noticeable speakers who shared their knowledge, their experience and gave a practical view of how the companies where they work have changed, innovated and gained with the adoption of innovative and disruptive technological solutions”, states José Oliveira, CEO BI4ALL.

To view or review the sessions again, you can do so on BI4ALL’s YouTube channel. You can also consult the Event Book with a description of the speakers’ biographies and information on the various sessions held.

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