26 October 2021

BI4ALL, Microsoft, and Nova IMS establish a partnership and create a Business Intelligence and Analytics lab

Lisbon, October 26th, 2021 – BI4ALL, a leading company in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, and Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies in the world, in partnership with NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, announce the signing of a protocol that aims to promote technical and scientific cooperation between these three organizations, with the creation of the Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) Laboratory.

Considering the increasing relevance of the Business Intelligence & Analytics area in the market, combined with the need to promote proximity between the university and the business reality, Microsoft, BI4ALL, and NOVA IMS intend, through this protocol, to develop technical and scientific activities, applied to real-world challenges, bringing together teachers, students, and employees of the three entities. The establishment of the laboratory also aims to develop mechanisms of communication and cooperation that make possible and encourage joint participation in projects, events, and studies.

According to Paula Panarra, General Manager at Microsoft, “investing in education and learning is one of our missions. We want to provide the necessary tools for future business leaders to be able to implement, right now, advanced strategies and processes in a sustained manner, reinforcing the capacity of Nova IMS students to create value, while putting us in touch with emerging talent in increasingly relevant areas of knowledge.”.

“The exchange between the university environment and organizations is a fundamental instrument to promote a better harmony between job supply and demand. We believe that this partnership will be an added value for the integration of young people in the labour market, as well as an exchange of learning for all involved. NOVA IMS is a reference university and we are proud to be able to start this project together”, comments José Oliveira, BI4ALL’s CEO.

For Miguel de Castro Neto, deputy director of NOVA IMS,this partnership opens new possibilities for the three institutions, with Nova IMS taking a central role in Microsoft’s and BI4ALL’s research and development strategy, with some logical compensation for the best projects, which motivate the students and involve them right away with the business fabric. The idea here will be to allow our students to solve real-life problems, while Nova IMS itself also integrates business logic into its curriculum, which helps us fulfil our mission of preparing our students in the best way for future integration into the labour market.”.

Through this protocol, the idea is to launch challenges in the area of Business Intelligence & Analytics to students, adapted to the several levels of education (Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Masters), specifically designed for final year projects, course completion or master’s thesis, and then intervening in the analysis and classification of student work. Throughout the process, students will be able to count on the support of Microsoft and BI4ALL in the difficulties they may have, as well as in the definition and development of ideas.

For the best students, there will be a logic of paid internships as well as a training program directed at the area of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Data Analytics (Power BI).

In addition, BI4ALL will also award prizes to the best works: 2.000€ for the three best undergraduate and post-graduate projects; 4.000€ for the five best Master’s theses, and also a pre-agreement for the development of an idea to build a saleable solution for the market.

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