30 October 2017

BI4ALL launches new website to respond to new market requirements

In the year BI4ALL, the leading national BI solutions developer, celebrates its 13th anniversary, the company introduces its new website. With a new image and a more dynamic and intuitive graphical presentation, BI4ALL’s new website responds to the latest needs of both the company and the market.

From the visual point of view, the changes are quite significant and easily observed when accessing the website. The changes reflect the latest design trends and aim to make the platform more appealing and sophisticated. In addition to the visual change, there are several technical changes that facilitate interaction with visitors, namely, being responsive and enabling an increase in navigation fluency, making access simpler and more intuitive.

Also highlighted are new contents, which aim to respond quickly to the needs of our clients and potential clients, both national and international, through menus with direct information on BI4ALL competencies, solutions presented by sector and function, partnerships, team and success cases.

“We are proud to introduce a new “house” with a new design that responds to the increasing needs and requirements of users for a better ease of use. The new website will always have available all the information that visitors need, so that they can get to know our work better, our business areas and what we do”, says Carla Fonseca, BI4ALL Marketing Director.

In addition, a new institutional video has been developed that conveys the revolution we all see. People are changing and expectations are increasing in a world in constant disruption, where data is increasingly essential.

“In developing new content, we wanted to share the values ​​and culture of BI4ALL, always highlighting the innovation and importance of the Business Intelligence area, with the main focus being to improve all communications with our clients and potential clients. We have also sought to reshape our recruitment and talent capture, as well as to make known what we are doing, being at the level of articles on our blog, through communications to the media, events where we are present, among others”, emphasizes the BI4ALL Marketing Director.


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