2 September 2021

BI4ALL Launches new edition of Talent Academy

A program designed to enhance and accelerate the integration of recent graduates into the labor market.


Lisbon, September 2, 2021 – BI4ALL, a leader in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, announces the 11th edition of the Talent Academy, an initiative promoted by the Portuguese technology company, which aims to facilitate the integration of young people into the labor market.

Starting in September and lasting two months, the new edition of the Business Intelligence & Data Analytics academy invites young graduates to enter the world of data and consulting, through an intensive, theoretically-based training program practice.

With Talent Academy, BI4ALL intends to encourage a sustained and close entry of participants in the labor market, by developing their knowledge in different technologies, and by fostering their analytical thinking and their practical applicability in organizations.

“The editions we carried out in previous years were a success. All the feedback we have received, both from trainers and trainees, has proven the excellence of our Academy, as well as the program developed and implemented”, says José Oliveira, CEO of BI4ALL.

At the end, the trainees will have the opportunity to integrate company projects, both nationally and internationally. For Talent Academy, BI4ALL recruits young people with academic training in IT, Information Management, Applied Mathematics, Engineering or similar, among other skills that are valued by the company, such as good knowledge of English, good analytical skills and a critical sense.

It should be recalled that, recently, the company inaugurated its new facilities, with the designation of “Cidade BI4ALL”. With a capacity for more than 500 jobs, the new headquarters was designed for the company’s sustained growth in the coming years and with the objective of responding to a new labor paradigm and the needs of employees. The company’s new headquarters represented an investment of eight million euros and includes collaborative spaces, a paddle tennis court and a gym. For more information about Talent Academy, see here.

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