26 June 2019

BI4ALL Launches Analytics and Big Data based solution for Human Resources professionals

The Human Resources Analytics solution aims to respond to the needs presented by Human Resources departments, providing them with accurate information about their organizations.

Lisbon, June 26, 2019 – BI4ALL, a leading Portuguese company specialized in Data Analytics solutions, announced today the launch of the Human Resources Analytics solution, designed to provide better analytical capabilities for organizations’ human resources management, enabling a unified vision of this management component. This technological solution thus emerges to provide HR professionals with quality information based on objective data in order to sustain their decision-making processes.

BI4ALL’s Human Resources Analytics solution presents itself to the market as an answer to needs related to challenges identified by various Human Resources departments over the past few years. Counting with several functions within the scope of these professionals, this solution includes processes of analysis of headcount, turnover, payroll, recruitment processes, employee engagement, evaluation processes, skills characterization, training needs and absenteeism analysis.

In order to avoid decisions made based on inaccurate information or intuitions on the part of HR professionals, it became evident to the national tech company that the way would be to provide detailed information about the organization itself. In this sense, BI4ALL has developed a technological solution framed in the digitalization and digital transformation processes that, today, cross all organizations in a transversal way. In order to gather as much essential information as possible for these professionals, the developed solution transforms the organization’s data into a clear framework that represents a single and simplified vision of an organization’s workforce, which facilitates the decision-making process and makes it more efficient.

According to BI4ALL’s CEO, José Oliveira, “The development of an Analytics solution for an extremely qualified target audience such as Human Resources professionals has a giant potential for transforming the profession itself. The quantity of decisions that will be made based on detailed and accurate information is the best way to provide these departments with a set of tools that can promote the efficiency of the organization as well as the optimization of resources and the reduction of costs. We believe that this is a key step for Human Resources departments to become increasingly professional in their analysis based on reliable information and for their professionals to have the time to perform tasks for which they can contribute with a higher value”.


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