10 July 2018


Innovation and Data are two key areas for both organizations and are at the genesis of the established association.

BI4ALL is the new member of the DSPA - Data Science Portuguese Association. As a leader in the development of business intelligence solutions and with a strong international presence, BI4ALL is committed to innovation as one of the cornerstones of its operation, leveraging the latest and most advanced business trends and technologies to meet the needs of its customers.

The Data Science Portuguese Association is a non-profit, individual and collective organization for the purpose of developing, empowering, enabling and promoting Data Science for a better world. It is the first association of this kind in the national territory, representing the increasing criticality and impact of this sector in the personal and business world.

The Association aims to attract companies and human resources to settle in Portugal and cooperate in the teaching of data science. In this way, its objectives are clear, it intends to promote Data Science, both nationally and internationally, to represent the sector before the regulatory entities and to cooperate with public entities, companies and university institutions. In addition to these, it also aims to certify and train Data Science professionals, promote regulation, ethics, security, entrepreneurship and innovation of Portuguese companies, as well as the development and support of public utility projects in this area.

Focused on the power of data and the knowledge that can be derived from them, in order to make the best decisions, BI4ALL has established its cooperation with DSPA in promoting the challenges of Data Science that directly impact the entities where they act. On the other hand, it is also the ambition of the company, through this partnership, to contribute to the attraction and retention of both companies and talents in Portugal, while promoting the teaching of these topics.

The fact that BI4ALL has always defined people as one of its main pillars and, therefore, has created a culture very oriented towards these, but also giving them the knowledge and the best tools to do their work, prompted the company to join this organization.

According to José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO, "Participation in an association such as DSPA is a natural consequence of the evolution of the company and it is with great pride and enthusiasm that we communicate this association. We believe that our experience and knowledge of markets, both nationally and internationally, can be an added value for both organizations. On one hand, contributing to the realization of the DSPA objectives and, on the other hand, BI4ALL can enhance and support the innovation that is developed in Portugal and help a better understanding of the importance of Data Science", he says.

According to Fernando Matos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DSPA, "It is a great privilege to have BI4ALL as Corporate Associate. This adhesion, along with several other representatives of the sector, reinforces our certainty that the creation of the Association and the pursuit of its objectives is of the greatest interest for the national economy."

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