5 June 2018

BI4ALL is recognized internationally as one of the best reputed companies

BI4ALL's ambition, effort and dedication to its Customers enabled the company to be recognized as one of the 30 Most Reputable Companies of the year.

BI4ALL, a national reference company in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions, was recognized internationally with the "30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year" award by The Silicon Review, a prestigious magazine international, focused on the sharing of innovative and fundamental technological solutions for the businesses of the organizations.

2018 has been proving to be a successful year for BI4ALL. Beginning with the National Excellence Index distinction, and at the international level, with the distinction of José Oliveira, BI4ALL CEO, as one of the Best CEOs of 2017. And now, the company is revealed as one of the 30 most reputed companies of the year, also considered a pioneering and innovative Portuguese company in Business Intelligence.

This recognition is mainly due to the history of BI4ALL. The company emerged from the need to create not only a company but a leading company in the area of ​​Business Intelligence. José Oliveira, together with his partners, Andro Moreira and Hugo Pinto, have always managed the company with effort, commitment and enthusiasm, in order to offer its Customers the most appropriate solutions for their business. The establishment of partnerships, the creation of close relations with them, as well as with their Customers, have allowed BI4ALL to consolidate its reputation and recognition over the years.

The company positions itself as the engine of change in organizations. As such, knowledge of the business and the constant improvement of information technologies allow you to offer a highly specialized service in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions that allow organizations to have a competitive advantage by consolidating data from different sources of information in a unique vision, providing precious indicators by turning data into insights.

"It is an honor to have been selected in the TOP 30 of the Most Reputable Companies of the Year by The Silicon Review, which is a recognition of the commitment and dedication of the entire team. It is very gratifying for us to be highlighted by our work and the way we do it. We have always cared to accompany our Customers, from start to finish, in any project. To realize what their needs really are and provide them with the most appropriate solutions to make their business grow, this is a priority for BI4ALL", says José Oliveira.

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