21 November 2019

BI4ALL introduces Artificial Intelligence solution for organizations

This advanced solution will provide organizations with a personalized and tailored experience to its needs, always aiming to improve the performance as well as its business productivity.

Lisboa, November xx, 2019 – BI4ALL, a Portuguese specialized reference organization in Data Analytics, has developed BIA, an Artificial Intelligence solution that aims to respond in the real-time information request, facilitating the search in the business context. Key information searches are centrally and unified managed, either through written content or orally, simple and intuitively.

BIA is available 24/7 and can be accessed on the desktop or mobile device for higher user convenience. It answers quickly to simple questions, using natural language and through Machine Learning techniques, it mimics human cognitive functions, in other words, it learns autonomously from new data, reducing the time spent preparing information. Also, it can communicate with the correspondent in several languages.

In this way, the Artificial Intelligence solution is born as a facilitator in accessing company information and can confirm sales, stocks, deliveries, collections, expenses, among other features. The idea is with BIA Solution, any employee, from IT to CEO, will be able to access information quickly and securely. On the other hand, security is guaranteed as the queried data is not copied to BIA, but remaining only at the source.

According to José Oliveira, BI4ALL’s CEO, “BIA is prepared and available to respond to business needs reliably and accurately. With this solution we will be able to offer our clients the ability to work with real-time data analysis with an extremely powerful and versatile tool, freeing human resources managers to focus on the most creative and complex tasks”.

This advanced solution will enable a personalized experience tailored to the needs of each organization, always aiming to make everyday life simpler, improve business performance and productivity. Optimization of several processes and operations will reduce costs and increase decision-makers’ satisfaction.

Additionally, in order to allow the possibility of testing a demo as well as trying out the solution created for BIA, BI4ALL has created a landing page which can be consulted here.


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