26 February 2018

BI4ALL distinguished by the Índice da Excelência

BI4ALL, a national reference company in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions, was distinguished in the Top 10 in the second edition of the "Indíce da Excelência" study, organized by Neves de Almeida, Human Resources, Executive Digest and INDEG-ISCTE. This study has as main function to analyze the state of art of Human Resources practices in Portugal and reward the entities that invest and bet the most in this area.

BI4ALL has once again made a name for itself in the top 10 among medium-sized companies in a group of 176 Organizations. This recognition represents the quality of the management practices implemented by the company over the years, which are further reinforced by the low turnover of teams.

The concern with the Employees has always been one of the main strategic pillars of BI4ALL and, as such, to demonstrate the importance they have for the company, team building actions, training sessions and other internal initiatives are developed in order to value all those who contribute daily to the growth of BI4ALL.

The Índice da Excelência aims to alert the Portuguese business community to the importance of the topics related to the organizational climate and to the strategic management of human assets. This initiative has the goal of not only to recognize the companies that stand out in the Portuguese market, but also to draw a picture of the organizational climate.

For José Oliveira, "In life there are only two ways to achieve success. One is dedication, perseverance and focus on personal and professional goals. The other way is to set an example every day of what we have to do to achieve our goals. In this way, the success of our life happens as by chance", he says.

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