2 February 2021

BI4ALL Data Analytics solution is implemented by OCP Portugal

BI4ALL’s technological solution allowed to increase the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of OCP Portugal

Lisbon, 2nd of February of 2021 – BI4ALL a leader in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, is responsible for the Data Analytics solution implemented by OCP Portugal and made the company more disruptive, agile and effective.

The technological solution made it possible to increase the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of OCP Portugal, and the stake on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is currently being evaluated.

With headquartered and management in Maia, the company markets and distributes pharmaceutical products throughout the national territory. With six distribution centres, it has more than 1900 customers, which corresponds to around 3000 daily deliveries.

Due to the development of the legislative changes that have occurred in the last decade and a half in the status of the medicinal product, and the sector context and evolution, the pharmaceutical industry has been feeling a particular need for reinvention. In this new framework, information has become an even more valuable asset, essential for more agile and accurate decision-making.

In the past, the process of accessing information was slow, centralised and generated many inefficiencies. With the need to have faster, more accurate and easier access to information, OCP Portugal chose BI4ALL to implement a Data Analytics solution and, thus, have the information as an aggregate, accessible and accurate resource.

The implementation of the solution covered the IT, Sales, Customer Service, Procurement, Supply Chain, Operations, Finance and Controlling departments, with the engagement of key users in each of the areas being the basis for the success of this solution, to guarantee the total alignment between the organization’s needs, expectations and results.

According to António Sá, Director of Information Systems at OCP, the company’s main challenge was “to implement a decision support system with reliable, true and updated information that would allow the business autonomy in its consultation, extraction and handling, reducing or even eliminating the dependency on the IT team”. Regarding the balance after the implementation of the solution, the director says that “BI4ALL, as aware of the best management practices of this type of projects, of the technology to be applied, aligned with strong management of expectations and projects on the OCP Portugal side, contributed to the result of the equation being frankly positive and encouraging, with applicability in future projects. The bridge established by BI4ALL between business and technology was essential for the value creation that we obtained”.

José Oliveira, CEO at BI4ALL, states that “The case of OCP Portugal is another example that allows unequivocally identifying the advantages that Data Analytics solutions bring to organizations, being a key asset for business success”.

Hereafter, OCP Portugal intends to continue to reinforce the existing solution and evolve to other areas of the organization. The subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning is currently being evaluated on specific topics within the organization.


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