1 April 2022

Predictive analytics: How to stay one step ahead of the competition

Have you ever imagined being able to know the future and the consequence of the decisions made in your organisation? Improve the company’s performance and solve current issues? We have no crystal ball, but we have predictive analytics, which allows you to make better decisions based on accurate and reliable data that anticipate trends and identify patterns.

In a competitive and constantly changing market, technology is essential for the organisations’ success and evolution. Innovation represents countless competitive advantages, from increased productivity to error minimisation, meeting the goals of cost reduction and operational efficiency. Every day, managers face the need to make crucial and urgent decisions that will impact the future of their organisation and its financial strength, and a predictive analysis model can be the key to the success of these decisions.

This data analysis technology uses a combination of data, algorithms and Machine Learning techniques to identify probabilities, anticipate trends and predict behaviour in a given scenario.

A management model based on predictive analytics reduces business risks insofar as, through the use of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, it is possible to anticipate trends, learn about new consumer habits and predict behaviour. Today, there is no space for decisions based on intuition or long hours analysing data compiled in Excel sheets. Agility is essential when it comes to making decisions and doing business, and having innovative technological solutions at your disposal makes it possible to respond more quickly and assertively, whether to the emergence of new players in the market, consumer trends or changes in the sector.

For informed decision-making, managers need access to accurate and current information and get a quick analysis that brings together data from different sources and allows them to identify new business opportunities. By using the right insights, it becomes easier to meet the customers’ needs, tastes and preferences through personalised products and services.

Besides the positive impact on business strategies and profitability, disruptive technological solutions also bring advantages to information security, namely in the early detection of fraud and information theft. The correct analysis of a large amount of data currently available to companies enables a faster and more reliable identification of the several threats to which companies are exposed. We are talking about internal threats, vulnerabilities and cybercrime, which are increasingly recurrent and have a higher impact on organisations. Through Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, it is possible to obtain an advanced analysis of the data from external sources that allow these threats to be identified and neutralised.

No one knows for sure what the future will be like, but undoubtedly, data is now crucial to the success of organisations, so predictive analytics is a powerful strategic tool for businesses that want to grow, be profitable and competitive. Does your company already have this asset?



 José Oliveira BI4ALL
  José Oliveira