11 July 2017

Nearshore Centers

Successful businesses know that in order to achieve competitive advantages in the market, it is largely due to the implementation of the best and most advanced technologies for analyzing different data sources.

Business Intelligence enables companies to gain insights into consumer and competitor behaviors, understand demand and supply trends, measure operational performance, and analyze other business-critical data sets. Technology enables employees to make decisions based on concrete facts.

With the goal of cost optimizations, companies have been using offshore for many of the projects and services they require. This model works better in some sectors than others, however and especially on the cost side, it's a model that makes perfect sense.

Over time, this model showed some disadvantages, specifically the lack of available professionals with sufficient technical knowledge, problems with language issues in daily activities (such as video and audio calls), difficulty in involving teams in face-to-face sessions during critical project periods, and the issue of cultural differences and instability in the countries of origin of these professionals.

Given this reality, many companies are shifting these functions to closer locations, especially those that require more interaction with teams and business areas as well as more technical knowledge. These companies are concerned, on one hand, with reducing costs, but on the other, they do not overlook the quality of the products and services presented.

Physical distance is easily overcome in everyday life through collaborative and communication tools for video and audio calls. This reality only works if you are in a country that benefits from one of the fastest and best broadband internet networks in the world, as Portugal does.

Having said that, Portugal is the perfect EMEA site for nearshore, but also for America and Asia, for several reasons. Apart from a very good cost-benefit ratio due to one of the best technical skills in the world, especially due to the high quality of teaching over the years, particularly at Universities. This allows the Portuguese professionals to have high linguistic knowledge.

Given the geographical and strategic location of Portugal and the time zone related to traditional working hours, it allows professionals to adapt easily to different time zones of EMEA and America.

In addition to the attractive value of services in Portugal, other factors contribute to making Portugal a profitable option. As an example, the costs of office, hotels and restaurants. These along with good weather, in all contribute to a growing desire of executives to establish their base in Portugal.

Thus, we can easily understand that it is not only one factor that makes companies choose Portugal as the perfect place to set up their nearshore offices, but rather by offering a set of advantages.

Some of these topics and others have been studied and proven by the Portugal Outsourcing Association in its research report "Portugal, a near shoring destination".

At BI4ALL, we offer excellence skills and to respond to the new requirements of the market, BI4ALL created a Nearshore Center that offers the transfer of business processes and projects to a location close to the client's site.

Through this philosophy, customers can reduce costs, improve time-to-market, work with experienced, flexible and linguistically proficient teams and, thus, operate more efficiently.
Each Nearshore Center has its own organization and management to optimize knowledge sharing, promote best practices and create the best methodologies. The Nearshore Center is a strategic initiative that delivers the appropriate resources to BI4ALL on demand customers, with excellence processes related to security, quality assurance and engagement.

This model has been used by BI4ALL with great success, since it is a methodology that makes sense for customers, companies and professionals, who through it, have access to regional and worldwide projects using state of art technologies as well as the best practices where customers are more open to experimenting with new recommendations made by our expert consultants. All these factors contribute to a highly motivated, efficient and focused team.