4 June 2018

Nearshore, a new working paradigm

Nearshore... Talking about Nearshore is something we are already familiar with. At a global level, this concept is being debated, although not new, for many organizations it still is.

Portugal is a trend. The last few years have affirmed our country as one of the most central points of Europe and the World. Since the various distinctions in tourism, the organization of the UEFA European Championship and the Eurovision Song Contest, through the Web Summit, among other important milestones that put Portugal on the global media agenda and at the same time have been encouraging organizations to move its operations so that Portugal is thus one of the places of excellence to invest.

Proof of this are the many multinationals that have already set up or have plans to develop businesses in the country, as well as Portuguese companies that have started betting heavily on technological development in a Nearshore format. Consequently, the former recognize that Portugal has human resources with a high technical quality, capacity for innovation and research, infrastructures, as well as an excellent responsiveness adapted to the needs of the clients. We can also affirm that Portugal is a country of excellence for the quality of life that provides, security, gastronomy, climate, cultural and natural heritage and its strategic location, bringing together the ingredients that make Portugal very attractive for the installation of Nearshore operations.

Having said that, we can easily understand that it is not just one factor that makes companies choose Portugal as the perfect place to install their Nearshore Centers.

In order to respond to the new requirements of the market, Nearshore Centers are providing more and more advantages, providing services that allow the customer to reduce costs, improve time-to-market, work with experienced and flexible teams, with linguistic abilities and thus operate more efficiently.

However, we must not forget that technology and know-how are the key to successful projects. And while Portugal is clearly a growing market with regard to IT resources, it is essential that our country continues to invest in research, development and investigation. Equally important is undoubtedly the bet on the training of our talents.

Although Portugal has a significant proportion of IT professionals with a high capacity for adaptation and use of new technologies, and is already a country recognized globally by large companies that compete in the international market, it does not yet have sufficient capacity to retain the Portuguese talent, often resulting in good professionals going to work abroad.

In this sense, the biggest opportunity in the information technology sector is, above all, the bet on innovation, but, more importantly, it is making people more and more innovative. As such, it is essential to further optimize the trinomial universities-clients-centers of competence, thus bringing markets closer to educational institutions.

IT companies should thus provide training and support to all their employees, as well as provide technological knowledge bases, so that they feel constantly valued and prepared for the constant technological developments and with the capacity and willingness to offer the best solutions to get the best results.

We believe that this is the future of the labor market in the IT areas, which will consequently allow the development of Portugal and the creation of qualified and value adding jobs. At the same time, it will also promote the qualification of Portuguese talent and create very attractive opportunities and challenges for young graduates.

However, the main challenge of the Nearshore model is related to the natural tendency to work with local teams instead of remote teams, as well as the increasing competition of countries with competitive costs, which must be combated through the development of a work of excellence, focus on creating value, offering the best of breed and the high level of skills of our teams, thus creating a differentiating and very competitive offer in the market.

Portugal has everything it takes to win the trust of multinational organizations and be a destination of excellence for Nearshore.