7 October 2021

Innovation + Digital Transformation = Success Formula

Taking the stage in recent years, the digital transformation has come to deserve a rampant prominence among organizations. The uncertain scenario that we are going through has further enhanced the urgency for technological disruption, and the adoption of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions has repercussions that can be felt even in the transformation of existing business models.

The realization of digital projects and the implementation of new technological solutions, that bring gains in agility and flexibility, has been accelerated because they are a priority on the Organizations’ agendas. Confirming this reality, IDC advances in its most recent IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2021 Predictions which shows that the direct investment of digital transformation organizations has not only grown, but is also expected to increase by around 15.5 % per year, until 2023.

Innovating is essential for any company to remain at the forefront of the market, and even be disruptive in its strategy. To be competitive it is crucial to follow and anticipate trends and here, the solutions of Data Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are an excellent ally to boost your strategy, your decision support and originate a qualitative leap for success of your company. Why?

Through more disruptive technological solutions, managers are able to access a complete, real and objective view of their organization, the customer and the market, which will allow them to quickly identify and act on any challenge, opportunity or trend. Cost reduction, process efficiency through automation and decision support, based on reliable and factual information, are some of the most frequently highlighted advantages in digital transformation projects.

To become agile, it is crucial that organizations integrate Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, creating a data-driven culture and involving employees in this structural change, which impacts the organization as a whole. In addition to the creation, reinvention and adoption of new dynamics and more digital business models, overcoming performance is one of the main gains that is available to any organization, in a transversal way, to any sector or business area.

The digital transformation also has extremely positive repercussions in areas such as the relationship with the client and the service that is provided to him. Increasingly informed, digital and demanding, the consumer seeks to have the best shopping experience possible, which brings new challenges to brands, which must ensure constant monitoring of existing needs and trends, giving quick and personalized responses, at the same time as provide engaging and unique experiences. In addition to creating successful services and products and improving existing ones, by following the reality and market expectations, marketing and sales strategies thus become more effective, profitable and accurate.

The key is to have at your fingertips all the value and information potential that the data contains, among the immensity that is generated daily and that needs to be used in the best way. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions give managers a simple and intuitive 360 degree view of the organization, create new business opportunities and significantly improve internal processes.

Technology opens up an immeasurable range of possibilities for companies and the right time to identify this panoply of advantages is now. Every day that passes is a lost opportunity to optimize strategies and create unique competitive advantages, with technological solutions that allow us to start today to create tomorrow’s success.



 José Oliveira BI4ALL
  José Oliveira