3 November 2020

Improved efficiency, profitability and agility for Logistics and Distribution

In the current economic scenario, it is absolutely urgent to give quick answers, redefine strategies, streamline processes and minimize risks, because only with a deep knowledge of the company, the consumer and the market is it possible to respond efficiently to the challenges that are posed.

The market is unstable and constantly changing, and the increase in the amount of data produced is increasingly challenging for organizations and imposes an assertive decision-making and return to the business. Thus, it is essential to obtain more in-depth and reliable analyses, and that there is a constant search for improvement of organizational processes.

The logistics and distribution area is undoubtedly a very complex area. In addition, the pandemic caused online shopping to skyrocket, which imposed a new pace and new challenges for companies in order to guarantee efficient deliveries and at competitive costs.

As in other sectors, logistics and distribution companies have also had to accelerate digital transformation processes. From automation to Artificial Intelligence, the market requires organizations to have agile, disruptive and competitive processes.

This way, the complex and dynamic nature of the sector requires companies to look closely at technological solutions on the market, in order to gain efficiency, profitability and productivity.

Both partners and customers require constant management of operations, where it is possible to guarantee efficient deliveries, at the best costs. Having Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions will greatly improve all operations, optimize distribution processes, detect new business models and more effective delivery methods.

In addition, these disruptive tools allow to outline different scenarios, which brings enormous added value to management and undoubtedly offer competitive advantages for the business. Knowing in depth the market and the consumer allows the definition of more assertive and efficient strategies. This way, data analysis tools help to understand different scenarios and have a unified vision of all areas of the company, in addition to identifying new business opportunities.

Thus, Data Analytics and AI solutions are important tools that bring logistics and distribution companies new work dynamics, smarter management models and an excellent customer experience.

Insights generated about the logistics chain, stock control and distribution allow companies to make the right decisions, at the right time, and to gain agility and competitiveness. This allows an absolute control from the moment an order is received until it is delivered to your final customer. It is also possible to have efficient picking processes, transportation management systems to monitor and manage deliveries and deadlines, as well as more effective audits.

It is essential to emphasize that the relationship with customers is also strengthened, since this way it is possible to identify the needs and dissatisfactions of consumers, thus preparing and directing the offer, in addition to providing more efficient, quick and focused customer support. On the other hand, these differentiating analyses also allow to attract new customers.

By adopting the right technology, you can extract the right insights and increase the organization’s productivity and profitability, while streamlining operations and reducing errors and costs, greatly improving your company’s performance levels.


 José Oliveira BI4ALL
  José Oliveira