7 January 2021

How to improve your organization’s results in uncertain times?

We live in uncertain times. The year 2020 has been a real trial by fire to the resilience, adaptability and management of organizations, regardless of the sector they operate.

If digital has hitherto been asserting itself in a growing and consolidated way as an asset for success, this year, digitalisation has inevitably come to the forefront, having assumed a preponderant role in the responsiveness of companies to the pandemic context with which came across.

The processes of digital transformation have intensified, we have seen a technological leap in organizations and an acceleration in the development of “smart companies”, with IT being increasingly incorporated into the core of business and strategies, from the most basic and daily processes, up to the highest level of decision-making.

The visibility of the value that IT brings to organizations is, in fact, more evident than ever. According to recently released IDC data, in 2022, 70% of organizations will have accelerated the use of digital technologies and transform business processes, to heighten customer relations, business resilience and employee productivity.

Organizations increasingly recognise and seek the competitive advantages inherent to technological solutions adoption such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Cost reduction, higher productivity, process optimisation, analytical and predictive capacity are just a few examples of the multiple advantages that these disruptive solutions can provide to companies and allow the reinvention of organizational and business models.

Each digital journey is unique and, as such, all technological solutions lack an exclusive approach and framework. It is necessary to advise and identify the different levels of digital maturity where which organizations find themselves, to optimise them and to be able to build, together, digital transformation projects suited to the DNA and the specificities of each company.

However, given the scenario that organizations are facing today, there are digital capabilities and technological solutions that have assumed a particular role of prominence. The uncertainty felt in the market has pressured decision-makers to an increasingly reduced margin of error, to a constant optimisation of processes, to the development of new business models, and to reduce costs.

Companies that aspire to be successful must ensure that they wage on the decisions, strategies and business models that are assertive. How? Through data-driven solutions, which allow companies to follow the present and be at the vanguard in the future, giving priority to the usefulness and potential that data bring to the strategic competitiveness of organizations.

With accurate analytics of your data, any manager can make faster and smarter decisions, increase operational efficiency and reduce the cost structure. It also makes it possible to integrate data from multiple sources in a single location, which enhances the secure sharing of reliable and valuable information with key business decision-makers.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions enable organizations to not only correctly and optimally store their data, but also to extract all the potential and knowledge it offers, by turning it into crucial business insights. From the combination of predictive analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining and other advanced techniques and tools, market and organization behaviours and profiles are identified, anticipated trends and developed descriptive and predictive models.

The use of disruptive data analysis solutions adapted to your needs makes companies more agile and competitive, by increasing their profitability, differentiating them from their market competitors, and creating consolidated foundations for more structured decisions, strategies and, above all, accurate and winning organizations.

More than a balance sheet time, this is the time for organizations to anticipate and prepare for the future, which is expected to be challenging. Agility, flexibility and optimisation will undoubtedly be a concern for companies in 2021. Are you ready to face the future?


 José Oliveira BI4ALL
  José Oliveira